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for anyone that read my cons and pros before, I just updated my feelings on voice acting. (they are all good, in fact the mc's and leos are my favorite. better than most other bl games i played in english. The people you got to voice this bl game obviously understand great voice acting.)

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* update*

I forgot to actually update, I judged the mc voice actor to harshly in my first play through, it's actually very very good. Please disregard anything i said about the Mc's voice.

great game.


Art was probably the best thing about the game. I would even say better art than some of Nitrol+Chiral games and they are very successful developer.

Story was really good. I loved the story, fantasy is always my cup of tea. The pacing was excellent too, nothing felt rushed or dragged down.

Romance was excellent. Some games make mistake by not actually building up a believable romance, but this game does a great job at actually taking you through how a romance would naturally be built up and of course in different ways based on the character you go for. The romance also always present throughout the story, so you never feel that all of sudden the characters forget they like each other.

Side characters have story. It's actually amazing to see a game not just use the side characters as plot movers but actually give them a story and focus a little on their romance.

Voice acting is actually decent. Unfortunately i didn't feel MC voice fit his character, so i had to mute that one... however everyone else's completely fit. Also there was actually emotion... like thank goodness, too many BL games kept using this one infamous voice actor that i swear never understood the "act" part of actor and read everything very monotone.

Cons *not many*: 

Writing could be better. This is naturally going to be a thing since writing is hard to get right and can take a long while to actually perfect. The writing in this story started off very strong but started to fall flat in 2nd half of game. The reason I say this because in the 2nd half some of the bigger plot points started to get explained through a single dialogue scene. I do make me wonder if this was truly just a fault of the writing or because lack of budget. Since I imagine if the developer actually explained some of these bigger plots throughout the story it would make the game longer.

Music is ok. The soundtrack wasn't anything amazing, in fact kind of forgettable, but at least you can tell effort was really put in there. I do feel bad saying that since there was an actual singer used, it just at least to me didn't really seem that great.

This last part isn't really a con just my on personal preference. I wish there could have been one more top besides Leos. I always like it when romance options are a bit more even in that way. However, if doing that would just end up causing the story and writing to suffer than it's better to not do that at all.

100% agree

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I am very curious as to what your game had to break steam's rules. It can't be the sex alone because steam legit has games like House Party which is a sex simulator...

here is link for those that don't believe me.

Is it because you live in a country where sex games are banned on steam or did you game have like rape... or something involving minors? Also shouldn't you still be able to put a patch on

For example, the game Requiescence by Argent Games don't have the NSFW patch on steam but put it on That games sex scenes happen to also have a few basically rape parts... but yea even if steam may restrict indication of rape, apparently doesn't.

It would be nice if you could explain what's stopping you from actually putting the NSFW content back up.
*update*Oh wait... i just realized you seem to be working with Y! Press Games... oh geez, I wonder if has anything to do with that... they aren't even that good of developer... two games i played from them both had awful writing and plot. just pure smut w/ good art.

If you guys ever need a proof reader or someone to just let you know if the writing is good or not, I would definitely be willing to do so! I'm not  a fanboy and give fair critiques. I also read toooooooons of bl stories... so by now I feel I understand what is objectively good and what isn't. (of course we have our guilty pleasures that we don't care may have bad writing xD)

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Their writing isn't the worst ever, but they definitely don't do good in the story department. Whoever is working on this game, I hope they have a decent writer. since it's not easy to find games that have good smut and writing. I know it's possible since i read many korean comics that had both combinations.


Also i did play two of their games and even their sex scenes suck.... like so many sexual scenes but all of them were legit short and lame. Like an awful fanfic that goes like "ooh yea, stick it to me.... *I said as i felt his member in my *******"

Their only good point is the Art. Their voice acting is also some how mediocre....  However with limited budgets i guess there isn't a lot you can do about these things.

Honestly, like people have already said, we hope that everything is ok and you are all healthy. 

Not a lot more I can say. It's been almost  a year. I came back to check and not really surprised there is no updates. 

Just be well, and if well then maybe it's best not to take people's money in future and build up trust first through simple projects...that's at least the advise i can give business-wise. I don't think you guys have to close down, but definitely need to understand how business works and know what it means to keep trust with consumers.

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oh you are blind? I'm sorry for not reading your previous comment first. unfortunately there isn't an official guide. I'm sorry I don't think the developer made this fully considering possible issues with sight impaired people, since they purposely, added those visual effects to make it obvious you are choosing the right answers. So simply put Rafael tends to respond well towards smart personality and only can romance in shika or cubi races. Paris tends to respond well towards flirty personality and only can romance in cubi or reaver races. Lastly Braums (aka the rich guy) tends to respond well towards nice personality and only can be romance in shika and reaver races.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to give you the specific personality trait that works for each situation, but in my summary when I say "tends", that suggests that those specific personality traits work most the time, you may have to just experiment a bit to get the right choice for certain situations. My advice in those situations is think what would truly work best when listening to the dialogue while also considering the personality of the character. I hope this helps and maybe someone will right you a guide on here.

In this game, it's not always the direct flirty or romance options that will get you on their route. Each character has a specific type of personality trait that they respond well to, and you will know based on the sparkles that show when picking the right one

Love your way of communicating and respecting your supporters. Also I love that you give the 3rd option. That is actually a really cool idea, I love the freedom of choice in your games.

same I would hope nothing bad happened to them. I did see their new game title failed in the kickstarter and i don't know if they delivered on their promise of giving their backers the game with limited assets. 

should probably make a post on here about that lol

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there been delays since 2019. It is almost 2022, I don't know how many times the game was given over to a different publisher, but it seems like whoever is working on the game is extremely lacking the ability to actually finish it in a decent amount of time.

I just going to say this once, if it was for free then of course taking as much time as needed is OK, but once you start involving money then you are entering territory where there has to be some accountability. I hope you can get through all the trials and tribulations, but if after all this time the full released expansion does not introduce a bunch of new things and just ends up having repeated dialogues that you seen before in other routes.... basically if someone can finish the two new routes in just 30 minutes-1 hour then whoever is working on this should be ashamed for making their supporters wait sooo long for just a just bonus content.

In conclusion, be honest with consumers instead of giving misleading information or unrealistic release dates knowing the work ethic isn't there. If you want to see what it means to be honest with consumers then look at the post from the developers that made "The Divine Speaker" on itchio; they give a break down of everything going on and why the game is not released and honestly say they can't give a clear release date. It shows true respect to their consumers, and no one will be upset because the content they have released was completely free.

Sorry for being harsh, but it has to be said. I don't think other people should completely turn away from the game just because of this. However there needs to be some accountability.

I usually don't defend these type of messy projects however... They clearly wrote in one of their recent community updates that they don't know when the expansion will ever be released. 

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it seems like they will just be updating the demo a lot. It doesn't look like the full release is a for sure thing yet.

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yep 100% agreed and i loved dramatical murdered and most of the other games made by  the company (lamento: beyond the void being also on the top) played the afterstory game too ~~~

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lol now it is my turn to say i agree hahah, i am sorry voice actor for kenta because i know you did many games including one of the ones i "kind of " like called camp buddy (a bit pricey but definitely worth it's price for everything they give in game),  but i am sorry the voice is just so lack luster. I am not a voice acting critic at all, but every time i hear i just feel so turned off lol and just something feels so lacking in the voice....  like the best way i can explain it is like how with music there will be usually changes in tones, speed and sound dynamics, it's like listening to song that doesn't change any of those and just completely the same throughout.

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yikes the mc voice, I can totally see why it was chosen, and it was done very well. this is just my honest opinion but it don't like it XD I was hoping something a bit more boyish and somewhat cute. however I am leaving this comment because you guys really were super considerate in allowing us to directly choose the sound lvl of certain voices or to just turn off some completely! that was really nice and considerate to people that may not agree with certain voice actors/actresses.

btw i just want to add, please note this is all just my honest opinion. I am not trying to dissuade people who actually may find honest interest in this game for what it is. I just basically trying to warn those who may be of my similar taste and expected a bit more than what was given.

uuh, hm, was this suppose to be a comedy? I mean if so then cool! it was definitely funny. The versatile for all characters was definitely interesting, very rare for a bl games to have all completely versatile characters. Honestly the writing wasn't bad either (especially if it was meant to be a comedy). however the pacing really felt rushed, like i get it is fully voiced acted and the art is of course took time, but like the pacing was soo... not worth $20... I hate to say that, but for $20 visual novel, I expect at least a good solid story with good pacing. It was very weird for each of the character's individual story just be fully told after you have sex with your first love interest choice... then after it's like rushing to a conclusion.... Then the supposedly dramatic/sad relationship deepening moment is done almost all the same for each character in almost exactly same poses..

Ok anyway, overall if  anyone is looking to buy this game, there is a pretty interesting story for each character but don't expect it to unfold in the game, it is just told to you in one scene. If you are buying this just for the sex and quick romances then this game is probably not the best, the sex is very quick even though for a visual novel all you have to do is do narrative of what's going etc, so not sure why that was rushed. Definitely other games that have more intense and longer sex scenes. However this one still at least does that.
So basically only buy this game if just really really like the look of each characters and love seeing bunch of quick sex scenes. oh I will say the voices of each incubi is pretty good. main character, i didn't expect much since i played camp buddy and well not sure why the voice acting was much more bland here, in camp buddy the same voice actor had a lot more personality. maybe because older game??  so yea, you have been warned, so make sure this is what you are looking for so you don't get disappointed xD

yea I saw that they made an update announcement 59 days ago. However I don't believe it that they will really be working that hard on it, since quite a few people asked about the expansion and they received no reply xD If you guys are reading this, the yes, I do think need to be more vocal about your plan with this game and not about a new game lol

here if it helps to give some advice~ try to remember the main character is not you and you are watching a story go down. so if you think about it like that it may not matter what the lovers are like xD for example the lovers in Chasing the Stars weren't my type but I still played because I wanted to see the story. However if I played an otome type game where the main character is meant to be mostly blank without their own story then I am very picky on the type of lovers  I have to pick on.

haha, of course this is just how I feel about things but I wanted to share since could help you make a decision~

I played this creator's other game Chasing the stars and I will say their writing was really good. I felt attached to the main character. The story was decent and the love interests all felt different and unique, like you really wanted to see how it works with each of them. 

I like the extra stats thing actually having an effect. you guys say that is part of the game already but it must be super hidden or something... unless it was added in the 1.3 delay version. it is good you guys did mention still working on the game because I thought totally gave up on it XD

lastly, i think if anything the story needs the regular scenes to have more writing with more emotional value attached to them, since every scene I always feel either rushed or something was missing. I see there was effort to make us feel emotionally attached, but the thing with the parents was just thrown in for like one scene, barely talked about much again. The ex-boyfriend thing wasn't really touched upon much outside the fact that we know the MC had an ex-boyfriend and the relationship didn't end well. We get just a lot of basic background info but nothing is really getting as in depth as it should.
Even with the boyfriend, the most emotional route with has only so far been the base boyfriend route. while the rest has been just not as fleshed out feeling. Actually now that I think about it, I feel the base boyfriend route had the best writing and story overall compared to all the other.

anyway, I'm sure you guys got a lot of complaints about random certain stuff but that's mostly because people just want to see the game become something better. I really suggest focus on the writing more since write now it doesn't feel like a lot of heart was put into it. There is a game on here called The Pretender's Guild, it is free and I must say the writing there I could feel so emotionally attached to each character.

lol I hope it is at least done better than sswk , btw what about sswk expansion? didn't people order that or no one did?

have sex with him once, just to loose his virginity, then try to feed or give him water while he isn't hungry nor thirsty which will make him say f you , after 4th will cause the guy to get mad and call the monsters

oooh nice i will have to check it out because enok and sylrissa was like the most perfect characters for me, like my gosh, I loved them!!

So I want to make one more post here since I have now finished the game, and I want to make it here because I do have some honest critiques and I don't think making another thread would be right. So... first of all, I liked the story of the game a lot, I feel the characters were all likeable, my main character was likeable, i really liked the way the story went. I also liked all the side missions and just a lot more options. I felt when it came down to having more options and customization I felt definitely you have done that right in this game. One thing I felt that was actually a downgrade compared to previous games was definitely the battles.... like the battles just didn't feel good in my opinion, I definitely preferred the previous games when it came to fighting, It would have been nice too if class for the main character didn't depend on his job, the job I thought would just give a nice special talent and some background story. Music and art was great! I always liked the music and art anyway so I knew that wouldn't be in issue.. oh my gosh, thank you for making the naga twins and letting us romance them!! Enok was my bae~~~~~ Cute but manly and... just hit everything right for me, oh gosh if you ever made a visual novel with him I would definitely love that!!

Ok now I have mixed feelings about this last thing, it was the writing like the other person said was a  bit tooo... how to say... like I liked how detail everyone talked about things, I really did, I felt I learned a lot of different perspectives however.... it was kind of something I often skipped when characters I didn't like thaaaat much (like the merchants, or some of the love interests that weren't on my radar) would speak a lot. I think you kind of overdid their dialogue a little bit. maybe should have given more dialogue to people that you were building better relationships with I don't know, but by the end I just got so bored of everyone else talking and just wanted to see Enok and I usually am not like that because I always enjoy reading everything in visual novels or games, but the dialogues were too long almost like really long monologues. Yea... anyway just that part of the writing and the battles were the two things I felt could have been done slightly better.

I just want to mention though, I don't mean the writing was bad, I really enjoyed what everyone was saying, I definitely felt the characters had much more of a characterization then previous games, since in previous games they didn't talk enough for me and I really did enjoy what everyone was saying and all went well with the story, it was just that more towards the end it kind of got a bit like... ok ok I don't need everyone giving me some moral lesson everytime i visit them lol.

However, besides those two honestly not that big of critiques, very nice and simple game! Was mostly what I expected with just a bit more~ loved the story and the options.


I did like that this was basically like before loren game, like a prequel, nice touch!

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What you described is called an "exception", I don't think you can use health reasons, since they are extremely serious and anyone will understand if those are the reasons. So yes if that is the case then yea, there is an excuse. However they did not use health reasons as an excuse, but grad school and other people always use "too busy" as an excuse. "too busy" to me will always sound like, this project is not something I want to use anymore of my limited time for. Passion means that no matter how little time you have, you WILL do it, unless something serious is stopping you from completing it there is no excuses.

Also, I think you don't understand the situation, you are talking about something free, that is just your hobby. Whatever you choose to do is your own thing to deal with, no one will care, unless they are just a huge fan. Also you are even paying people as you said, so actually if you don't finish the work the consequences are totally on you, no one else. Your experiences are very your own type of experiences that have no issues, however with this game, they were taking money on their patreon, good thing they canceled it since they went on hiatus, however, how unfortunate for the people that did supported them for I don't know how long, maybe a few months... either way, people were investing in the "game" not just the demo. When you are taking money from people, at that point your decisions will involve other people, so it would no longer be a situation where you can just do whatever and only you will face the consequences. 

Do you understand my meaning? I honestly get where you are coming from, but I think you didn't take in the fact, a lot of the games that go on hiatus like this or just don't finish, quite a few were asking for pre-order, or taking money by patreons. I supported one creator for a month, but I had to talk to them because I noticed they didn't really communicate a lot about their work, they said a lot of excuses as to why they are so busy just trying to get by in life. That is sad, and I am not trying to belittle their situation in life, but I am paying for a product, I am not going to keep paying for something that I can't even feel confident will be completed. Maybe I could if I was rich and had tons of money I could risk.

Anyway, they maybe will finish, but not sure how many people would want to support them on any other project in future. Besides fans and friends/family, in the business world regular consumers can't afford to be "understanding" and "forgiving" all the time, or we would have no money left XD Sometimes have to be harsh and judge people in business based on past actions.

it's never easy to make a game, but if they been in hiatus for much longer than a year... honestly a year is already pushing it, no matter how busy anyone is, it should be possible to finish the game if care about it. Also i know many friends that been to grad school, there really aren't any excuses, basically it just where you should put your money to, if you want to support any creator make sure they are passionate first, and passion can't be shown through words, only actions.

oooh ok, then that is pretty normal and fine. Hmm... then honestly I think the person that criticized about that before was probably too much of a fan, that they forgot that most games when giving customize like that, the choices just give different dialogue text, nothing huge.  XDD

Thanks for replying, I think I will by for sure~~ I always loved the games, for both the story and rpg~~

simple but fun, and honestly I felt loren although was very good was missing a lot of writing so I think I will love this one if it has a loot of writing.

Hi, I read a little bit of the criticism that was told here, I haven't played the game yet mostly because after reading I am hesitant. I can totally accept the fact when you making a fully customizable character it's hard to make a really good story since you have to make sure the character's writing can fit any background, unlike in the loren game where your character each had their own name and story. Anyway, I am just curious because what's making hesitant is this part "our customizable choices don't seem to make a difference". One thing I never liked in an VN is when we are given choices in any situation either in character customization or dialogue, but it doesn't actually have any real impact to the story, because in that way that is just called empty choices for the sake of being able to choose something. Is that truly the case in this game? 

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ooooh ok, with that explanation about Seal I feel much better about him now. Also yes the thing with Saputra I was thinking he felt like a very diligent person xD 

Also about the writing, honestly I shouldn't have said strange wording, in actuality the meaning is still perfectly understandable, sorry it mostly me being picky. I was just thinking I felt some of things I saw could have been worded slightly better to sound more smooth. That way of thinking just kept nagging at me, making feel it was unpleasant. However looking again, it's not as bad as my first impression made it sound. Though if you find time to tweak some of the writing I will be willing to give my opinions on what I felt could have been tweaked.. and yes that means I will support your work on patreon. I like the idea of having an rpg style game with interesting story and romances. Also the main character is totally the type of main character I like. I can also tell by talking with you and seeing some of the snippets of stuff and the character profiles that you care about the story you are creating.

Of course, like any project it takes time and lots of back tracking etc etc.. so take you time to make something you can be proud of. Don't worry too much about what others say (including me) unless you completely agree. xD

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I checked out the character profiles. Adri, is supposedly Flirty and Stubborn, the stubborn part is straight forward, he won't easily give up. However the flirty part is a bit... for you to put flirty as his second main personality type, I am really curious to see a bit of this "flirty" dialogue. Adri seems already a pretty interesting main character. From what I can see so far he seems to be not easily persuaded, and can handle himself. As for Seal, I haven't seen any dialogue with him so I can't comment much about him, however I feel saying he is both childish and mischievous is a bit too much.  It makes me worried that he is going to end up being a super annoying character. Is there another way you can describe his personality? Like cunning, scheming, sly, witty... Childish along with mischievous just feels too extreme of a bad boy annoying personality type. Lastly Saputra, I feel based on his short introduction and some of his dialogue that his personality shouldn't be mainly serious and ambitious. I can understand the Serious part, however ambitious is I feel more should be more  of strength. From his dialogue he makes me feel he is diligent, rational, and I am guessing due to his hating of germs he is more of an introvert.

Also my very last thing I want to comment on(I promise this is the last since I got a taste of what I was looking for) is the writing style is for sure very interesting however. I notice quite a few strangely worded sentences that unfortunately kind of throws of the tone of the dialogue going on. Is there a proof reader for your project? I feel there needs to be a proof reader since some of those lines are just very unpleasant to read in English.

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yes health always comes first, I pretty sure no one would have assumed this project was dead anyway. good job with managing these things while dealing with lots of other things! stay safe

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yea thank you, it's because I played quite a lot of visual novels lately , a lot were good but some were just... like not good xD seeing a bit of the writing style and personalities of the characters during dialogue can help clear that up a lot. I mostly just curious about what type of personality and what type of speaking mannerisms the main character will have and a a few of the romance interests. one of the best main characters of a game i got to play lately was that game Royal Alchemist. The writing of all the characters were just soooo nice and main character had such a clever, strong personality but also showed weakness. (another good written game with different style was The Pretenders Guild, although short the writing was quite enjoyable and just altogether a fun time)

The worst so far and I hate to say it so i am going to put a line through it so it isn't so clear for others to see but it was 

signed and kiss with a seal

the main character felt like was trying way too hard to relate to people and be  some type of meme or joke at the same time. They changed to add more favorable personalities but altogether it stayed pretty bland and poor writing.