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First, thank you for your good work

I'm currently working on Polish translation for NOLF1 I have Polish characters but  the font seems to be little fuzzy, and letters are more squeezed together than English text. And some people say the game slows down when the translation is active. Is there any chance to fix it?

Also if i understand it right, the game uses its internal bitmap font for English and chooses some vector font from system. Am I right? And If so, how can I find out which font it is? I could try to change this font with some other that might be rendered better if I knew what font this game uses.

I also found some issues with your patch. There are no Back/Next/OK text on the arrows in menu.

And without patch I can close screen with intelligence item text using action key. Witch Modernizer action key doesn't work and I need to use ESC.

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A good idea! I made a Multilingual installer for 9 European languages(English, French, German, Italian, Russian, etc.) and added MODERNIZER ver.1.005 + Mod WidescreenGOTY  + Fix game Menu Control Configuration for no-latin Windows(Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, etc.).
I can also add your Polish language.
I need your CRES.dll file from the NolfGoty.rez archive file (version 1.004) .. if you do not, then from the NOLFCRES003.REZ file (version 1.003), or from the NOLF2.REZ file (version 1.001)
To unzip the REZ files, download this package:
Then put the CRES.dll file (approximately 1 Mb) on the file hosting service.
If you have Polish voice acting (this is the VOICE folder, 100Mb from the NOLF2.REZ archive), put this folder as well.
I already have English, German, French and Russian voice acting.
I can make a multi-installer for voice acting as well.

I gladly add my translation to your installer as soon as it'll be complete. I don't have voice acting, only subtitles in CRES.dll and I'm currently correcting some typos before I will share first test version to find any other issues. If you want, I could also add translation for new menu options in your patch (jukebox etc.). I'll probably also translate launcher (NOLF.exe) and I'd like to include it as well.

There's however one problem with translated subtitles. As I said earlier even with your patch the game displays them squeezed together and fuzzy which really affects readability. You say it's due bad vector font rendering in the game. You said it probably can't be fixed without engine source code (I hope you'll find some way to do it) so I'd like to try at least try changing used Windows font and hopefully find something that renders as more readable. Do you know which font is used in the game for non English text or how can I find out?

As far as I know, the author (HeyJake) MODERNIZER does not do localization ... maybe in the future ...
For non-English GUIs, the default font is Arial.
If you want the same font as in the English version, then you need to fix these files from the NOLF2.REZ \ INTERFACE \ FONTS archive
You must add Polish letters to these files so that the total number of characters remains unchanged.
The problem is that the Polish alphabet has more letters than the English.
If you do Polish localization and ignore this problem, then all the "non-English" characters will be lost.
For example, you can add Polish letters only in uppercase, and lowercase letters in English. Then make a conversion table.
Unfortunately, I can no longer help you, because I do not create translations, but use ready-made ones.

Thanks for info. I thought about adding Polish characters to .pcx files but I had some problems with .fnt file (I'm somewhat tech savvy but maybe not enough to do it right the first time). Maybe I'll try again later if I can be sure that all  I can squeeze all needed letters into those files.

Thank God NOLF2 uses .ttf fonts by default and I've done its translation without such technical issues.

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20 years ago, russian programmers managed to squeeze the Cyrillic alphabet into PCX files ... the text turned out to be not very beautiful, but you can read it…

IMHO, you can only change PCX files from NOLF2.REZ \ INTERFACE \ FONTS
In the future, you will add your Polish CRES.dll to the converted PCX files and format it as a REZ file. Other files cannot be modified (IMHO), as there will be no compatibility with different versions of NOLF.
By the way, maybe you have CRES.dll Polish localization of the game "Contract J.A.C.K."?
I now have these GUIs for Contract J.A.C.K. : English, German, French, Russian. It is interesting to make the Multilingual Patch for Contract J.A.C.K as well!

I have it. This file contains CRES.dll, Polish fonts and Polish launcher (ContractJack.exe). I confirmed it works fine with nolfrevival game version.!5MtRyArR!MSoXH4G7ysLKy1P4GrDvs3Lr_immIyH7ooP4IwtrRbw

This is official Polish translation from Cenega publisher. They probably won't care about translation copyright if you include it in your multilingual patch because they stopped selling the game many years ago but I thought I warn you just in case.

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I think Polish players will like it!  :)
By the way, I found something ... and modified it a bit
Polish GUI NOLF.
Original here:
Two versions of GUI with the font from the English version (NOLF font) and the Windows font.  Windows-GUI has all the Polish letters, Nolf-GUI has only the Latin letters of the Polish alphabet.
Several bugs were fixed, missing lines were added, lines were added for compatibility with the Modernizer version 1.005.  List of changed lines in the archive.

Actually this is my test translation before correction. I'd put it there to see if everyone will have Polish letters. :) DirkPitt1 is my alias on GrajPoPolsku site.

Now I added new version after correcting some typos and fixing up 2 lines with mixed up ID numbers and wait to see how much more typos testers find, so don't add it to your installer yet.

And thanks for additional lines from Modernizer. I meant to add them in next version.

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Wow! Good job! I am glad that Polish players will receive such a gift from you.

Of course, I will wait until you make the final version of the translation.
By the way, on Polish Windows there is no problem saving the game keyboard and mouse settings for NOLF?  On Russian Windows, the code page [1251], there is such a problem.
This problem is solved by adding the dinput.dll file (English version) from the old directX7 package to the NOLF game folder.
I see that in the Polish version of the game "Contract J.A.C.K." (as well as in the German version) milk instead of blood flows from frags .. funny ... I fixed it.   Now the Polish version is similar to the English one. :)