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I have lot to advise so stay with me here. Like if you want to see one of these implemented.

1. You could add monster raids. how i think this could work is that after you sleep, there would be a 20% or 25% chance of an attack occurring. 2-5 green-skinned bad guys or thieves would spawn. words would pop up on the screen that say something like "monsters are attacking!" or "defend your shop from the monsters". then you would have to make a sword or other weapon for your own use to deal damage and kill the monsters. You would get more money from the people you sell items to for only the day of the attack as a thank-you note for killing the monsters. However you shouldn't be able to hurt the civilians. And if you don't kill the monsters in time before they knock you out(not kill you. you would respawn at your bed if you decided that monsters could kill)or reach your shop then you would lose a percent of your money. please also make the monsters have orcish sounding names and the thiefs have more human sounding names.(if you decide to implement this in the game could you make one of the thief's names be "Nick". thank you)

2. I think you could add bows. you could use the logs behind the shop to make short sticks or long sticks. One log makes 3-5 short sticks and 2 long sticks. you could hit a patch of grass to get grass then put the grass on the anvil and hit it to make string or twine. put 1 long stick and 1 string/twine to make the bow itself. the short sticks would make the wooden part of the arrows. you could hit 1 ingot on the anvil to make 3 or so arrow tips. you could just leave it there or you could make it more realistic with feathers. little chickens could be in the land around the shop or in a pen behind the shop(or in a pen by a different house). you could right click them not to move them but to harvest a feather then you could put a short stick, a feather, and an arrow tip together to make 2-3 arrows(if it was 1 arrow it would be a pain in the butt to make and it would take a long time to make too). i have no advise on aiming and shooting a bow tho :(.

3. Please make a better tutorial. I personally got really confused when i started the game. i could hardly read the notes scattered around the shop. i think you could make a step by step tutorial to teach you how to properly do everything. or you could just have your first customer talk you through the step by step process without a time limit(he can say that you keep the weapon he asked for but doesn't pay). keep in mind some people might already know how to play and would like to skip the tutorial. Or you could add a story-line(objective goal) where you have to make a certain amount of money before your manager or boss comes back from vacation. he could be the one to teach you step by step how to play the game before he leaves. or if you don't want the game to end like this you could add the ability to keep going on your own after he comes back from vacation.

Thank you if you read the whole and please like if you want to see any of these implemented.

I personally didn't find anything wrong with the tutorial.

if there were any raids it would be bandits. The game so far (besides the giant rock golem statue thing) is slowly becoming more realistic, so if Dasius were to add a raid to the game, it probably wouldn't be with monsters.

but, the way that the npcs walk around and enter portals, it seems we're inside an mmo game so i don't see the problem with monsters