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No. Important is map layout, not models/textures.

In case if you are experienced level designer, then use unity engine, where you can import anything you want.

i was just thinking it would be easier for me to design the whole map in an external program, or atleast make more buildings that you could go inside/ explore


btw i don't mean to sound demanding, ur an insane developer to have done all that yourself


I think that would be cool.


You're simply asking to import 3d models from apps like blender, and I feel that would boost the quality of custom maps.

Yes, I reckon this game would be much better if we could make bigger, more realistic maps, with better buildings that we could go inside and explore.

I reckon that blocky maps such as most maps on there make buildings impractible, as walls are too thick there is no detail so it is harder to find your way around.

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More realistic = more detail = worse performance on low end systems. We have high % of players on "ancient" systems who play on lowest settings and frame rate below 60.

I assume you guys have mid-high end systems? Or you blindly hope that detailed maps will not impact your frame-rate?