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please read comments. You are not first with this problem.

from when playing against bots is considered "more fun"?

install app and then install game via app.


Hi, such things take a lot of work. I don't want to waste time on things which will be used by 0.01% of player base. Adding gamepad support in the menus makes sense only if game will be released on consoles (what i don't plan to do).

use crosshair perk

No connection is just one of reasons. Seems that for some users on MacOS something is not working correctly and i don't think that problem is in game.

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Search in google "app quits unexpectedly on Mac" and maybe you will find solution.
If you need help :

Create topic in forum and provide all info about your PC (OS, CPU, GPU and if you played game before).

Contact support, or install app and download games via app.

Your problem has nothing to do with my game. Contact support.

You don't have to install anything. Simply download new version and play. Old version can be deleted.

I very rarely hear about problem with crashes. If you have low-end system, then my only advice will be = upgrade PC.

Hi, yes you can create room for 4 players in all game modes.

please read comments. I am tired to post video tutorial again and again and again.

спс, и не матерись в чате. За это можно бан получить.

You must close game by pressing "Quit Game" button.

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leaning in game where half of players run around with 200+ ping is not good idea. And leaning is for games with more "tactical" style. SW is more "run and gun", then move slowly from corner to corner.

Double jump was removed because it was breaking gameplay (map movement logic) and there was many many many complaints from players. When we will have more players, then maybe i will add it back as an option.

If i will add crosshair, then i will have to increase hip fire inaccuracy (like it is done in most shooter games). Shooting from hip will give you much worse accuracy, then when aim down the sights. So whats the point from crosshair?

As i usually answer on question about crooshair... it fits games like CS, where you can't aim down the sights (from all weapons). If i will add crosshair, then only in "Normal" mode. But at this moment it's not planed.

More weapons will be added when i will find/hire person who will animate weapons. I already have model of famas:

start what?

install app and then install game via app. If it doesn't help, then create topic in forum and provide info about your PC and account. I have no idea who you are and from where you are. Max ping in game is 500. 

install app and then install game via app.

Try, or install app and then install game via app.

Hi, you just wrote how much time it takes to develop a game. You think i have time to make tutorials? Tutorials also take a lot of time. You don't make games from tutorials. You need tutorials only at very beginning, to learn how to use unity engine/programming language and you already can find thousands of tutorials about it. on youtube.

basta baixar a nova versão e excluir a antiga.


Hi, i am not looking for programmers.

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And if you see message that "developer cannot be verified",  then hold "ctrl",  left mouse click on "skillwarz" and choose "Open".

If you need help:

Mac version will be available after one hour, windows x64 after 2 hours. Linux and windows x86 after 3 hours.

Game creates folders after first launch. There MUST be folder "Skillwarz" in Documents.

When you open project wrong way. Watch tutorial "how to open project".

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On some maps you can find red boxes. From them you can get one of three things - drone, health injection (200 hp), or sentry gun.

FPS Kit is no longer in development and i don't have time to make tutorials.

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Next time create topic in forum:

It's not "crash" when game closes. It can happen when game cant connect to database. Simply wait 10 min and try again.

what OS?

Players are only in EU region. If you want to play with friends (with low ping), then choose server which is closest to you.

I don't understand.

It depends from your game style. If you play aggressively then L96A1. For sniping from far distance will be better M107. And M110 is somewhere in between.

Requires rank 50.

Info about unlocks here: