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Instead of editing comment you could simply reply my answer.
It's not possible. As i wrote "current networking solution doesn't support LAN".

Hi, current networking solution doesn't support LAN.
No, we don't have bots.

Thanks.  No, but if someone will make good offer, then...


Auto updater = i have to pay for traffic = game is no longer free.

You can report bugs here:
Take screenshots and provide more info:
* your PC specs (gpu, cpu)
* on which maps? restart helps?

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Hi, and what happens when you add ".app" after "skillwarz_25_Mac"? By mistake i renamed folder on windows. 

Or simply download game again.

Bug fixes and 7 new TDM maps.

Game is in development.

There is no installation. You simply extract game files from archive.

Download and install https://itch.io/app

What program you use to extract game from archive?
What you can try:
1) upgrade archiver program to latest version
2) download game again
3) search in internet "how to repair damaged archive".

Or download and install https://itch.io/app

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Because i don't have 100 rank icons. It will take few days to make them, but i don't think that it's important at the moment. If someone has experience in graphics design and is willing to help, then contact me.

The same way as you launch game. Extract from archive and play.
If you download old Map Editor, then watch this video:

Create topic in forum and show us screenshots (or better video).
From comments you will understand if map will be interesting.

Hi, you can download one of map editors:

create maps and submit in forum.

- Character customization is not planned.
- Time by time i am adding new weapons.
- New game modes will be added in closest updates.

In future will be added more regions. At this moment not so many players.

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"basic futuristic or portal ripoff map" only because i use prototype textures?
It all takes time and money. We have many players who play on lowest settings with below 40 fps.
Textured maps = more details = heavier for performance.

Textured maps doesn't affect gameplay = it's not important at the moment.

As stated in "Install instructions", you must extract game from archive.
To extract game from archive use one of following programs:
*) WinRar,

*) WinZip,

 *) 7Zip (completely free)   https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

Hmm... you even left two identical comments.
Do not register multiple times with the same email and don't close game while you are registering.
And of course, make sure that you entered code without mistakes.

Hi, send me private message in forum.

In top right corner you should see heart icon.

Dedicated servers. Communication between clients is only via server (even when you host game).

To make a donation, please join skillwarz community.


Unity 2018

Tell your friends about this game and play with them. It will be much more interesting, than shooting dumb bots.
If you want more maps, then you can help make them (we have two map editors).

Don't close the game while you are registering and don't register multiple times with the same email.

Hi, possible you have bad internet connection... Try to download again, or search in google "how to repair corrupted or damaged rar files" and you will find many tutorials.

Look for players in other regions.

Thanks. From where are you?

Maybe in future. Definitely not priority.
Only multiplayer.


Game has anti-cheat and this cheater is already banned.

Impossible to make game where players can't cheat. We are doing everything possible to stop cheaters.
We have anti-cheat and admins + you can report cheaters in forum.
Every cheater will get ban... it just matter of time.

Without spamming.
Yesterday was 237 downloads here and on gamejolt just 1.

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Opposite situation here. On gamejolt almost no views/downloads. Here stats are good and daily views/downloads are growing.
@leafo  can you tell us how games get in "featured games" list?  algorithm, or hand picked?

You must extract game from archive. Read "Install instructions".