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You can't find Skillwarz folder?
If you need help then create topic in community forum.

Not possible with current networking solution.

unity engine


When you play, how many thousand players you see online? You should not answer.. simply use your brain for a second.

Delete old version and download new.

And if you use itch app, then game will update automatically.


In Settings

It requires rework of whole menu system. It is planned in future.

Simply not possible with current networking solution.

It takes me already 4+ hours to make all builds and upload.
You should ask itch support why you can't download files.
Join conversation:

will be added in next update.

Hi, i will join this topic, since problem is the same.

Players are writing that they can't download game from itch + blames me + asks for alternative download links.
Just a week ago i removed game from gamejolt, so all traffic can go to itch. Seems that it was bad idea.

What is going on?

That is the plan.

Problem must be on your side, since nobody else has problem with downloading. Simply download app.

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Hi, you should ask this question to support.
If you can't download game, it's not my fault.
I am only using their service.

You can try downloading the game via app

Game is IN DEVELOPMENT. I have to fix bugs, add new stuff and make some adjustemnts/improvements. You are angry on me for "working on game/making game better". I have no words... please don't answer and simply leave.

When you tried to extract from archive? Download latest version of winrar, or winzip.
Or better install app to download/install/launch game via app. It will be easier for you.

on low settings

I found what causes this problem (at least on HD graphics). Now i have to find best way to fix this problem.

deal :D

How many years experience in game development?
And how many subs you have?

I think answer is obvious. It will take years to make campaign, since i am working alone. Not even talking about expenses.

Not planned.

You don't have to bind inputs after every update. All inputs, classes and settings are saved.

If something is not working then create topic here:
and explain in details what you are doing and what happens (if possible, record video).


Username can't be changed.

A week ago requirement to confirm email was removed. So, what are you waiting?

Read this topic:

But this card is not for gaming. I have 2nd gen HD graphics, so i will do some tests in next few days.

what graphics card you have? model?
If setting quality to "Low" doesn't fix your problem, then problem is not in reflections.

Integrated GPU (HD graphics)? then you should buy dedicated GPU.

Everything is already fixed. Read comments.
In this build account activation is disabled.

If you downloaded game few days ago, then download again.

Install app and download/install games from app.

No, you can't play multiplayer game without internet connection.

Play with friends, or record gameplay video and upload on youtube, to help advertise game.

Download game again. Validation disabled in this build.

Download game again. Validation disabled in this build.

Create room for 2 (or 3, or 4) players and play with your friends.
Only players with rank 60+ can create/join private rooms.

Game made by Unity Technologies.

TANKS!!! community · Created a new topic Few questions...

This is free project made by Unity Technologies. For what are you asking 9.99$?

Why this project is here? Why it's behind "Name your own price"?

Number of online players depends on time of day you play (same in any other game).
Tell your friends about game and play with them.
More players = more regions will be added.