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Install app and download/install games from app.

No, you can't play multiplayer game without internet connection.

Play with friends, or record gameplay video and upload on youtube, to help advertise game.

Download game again. Validation disabled in this build.

Download game again. Validation disabled in this build.

Create room for 2 (or 3, or 4) players and play with your friends.
Only players with rank 60+ can create/join private rooms.

Game made by Unity Technologies.

TANKS!!! community · Created a new topic Few questions...

This is free project made by Unity Technologies. For what are you asking 9.99$?

Why this project is here? Why it's behind "Name your own price"?

Number of online players depends on time of day you play (same in any other game).
Tell your friends about game and play with them.
More players = more regions will be added.

Why? WebGL is worse in any aspect. It was one huge step back, when webplayer was replaced with WebGL.

Yeah, players with HD graphics has different problems.
If possible, buy any cheapest dedicated card released in last 7 years (20-50$).

Maybe game wasn't able to connect to database, or server. 
If it still happens, then  create topic in forum and if possible show us video.

blue screen? create account in forum and provide some screenshots, or video.

- search in google "why does it take so long to receive an email" and you will find answer. In most cases email arrives within few seconds.

- when you are creating account (anywhere) you must prove that email belongs to you, because this is only way how you can prove that account belongs to you.  + many more reasons.

- we have small maps. Damage depends how many pellets hit and where. Pellets don't have penetration. If pellets hit arm then lowest damage.

- pay attention to ping. It happens in all games, when you play against players with high ping (or your ping is high).

- 50x? We have many scopes with different zoom values.

- spawn protection is only 3.5 seconds. Spawn killing is not nice.

- maybe you have bad connection, or you are playing against players with high ping.

By the way... you should not play shooter games, because you can't control your anger.
It's not constructive criticism, but comment written in anger.

Join community.


I am not robot, i can't release updates every day. I am updating game few times a month.

You are free to make silencer sounds and send them to me.

It's not hard to make FFA GG (just few changes here and there), but it requires DM type maps.
Much harder to make DM map then TDM map.

Create room and enable perks. One of perks can regenerate health.

If code doesn't arrive in 20 minutes then try to register again. If possible, use another email address.

install app

I had to upgrade unity engine, because many players on Linux wrote that they can't register/login due one bug in unity engine.
For now you are the only one who reported this problem.
Anyway, you need dedicated graphics card. You can buy new for 50$, or used for 30$ and play on high, or even ultra quality.

Hi, technically not possible with current networking solution.

and when was "last time"? what version of game?

CPU is good, but you need dedicated GPU (even 5 years old GPU will be good).

What graphics card you have? and CPU?

"skillwarz_28_Mac" is latest version. 

Do you manually download game, or via app? I checked stats and i see that many players on Mac has played in last few days. Problem is on your side. You are doing something wrong, or if you use app, then problem must be in app.

your two questions don't stick together.

you don't see ""?
try to remember your password...

Even if code will arrive it will not work, because you closed game.
Maybe you entered email address with mistake, or mail is in spam folder.
For 99% of players code arrives within a minute.
If you don't receive code within 15 minutes, then try to register again.

* how minutes you waited?
* are you sure that you entered email address correctly?
* did you checked spam folder?

If you don't receive code within 15 minutes, then try to register again.
If possible, use another email address.

More weapons = harder to balance. I am adding new weapons time by time. At this moment "more weapons" is not priority.

Yes. In settings you can find controls and change inputs.

Hi, players can't register/login because of this bug in unity engine:

record video. I want to see...

Bots are not planned.


If you have problems with game, then write here:

I assume your mouse cursor is not locked.
Open in-game menu and press button "Resume" to lock cursor.

sudo on Linux is same as run as administrator on Windows. You can find tutorials about sudo and terminal on Youtube.