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I am unable to download the 1.03 version of the game.

When I try to download it this happens.

I click on Install and...

The same thing happened with the 1.0c version of Yorna and I had to download the game off a zip file and play the game all over again. I love your game but I don't feel like playing it all over again just to see a few new scenes. Do you know how I can transfer save data between zip files?

Edit: just to let you know I'm on windows.

Well, I tried disabling and re-enabling dowload packs - try it out. If this won't fix the problem for you, I'm afraid contacting support will be the wisest move.

Yes, you can transfer save files via copying your entire save folder into the new release. I'm writing this info in each game release post.

What you did fixed the problem. Thank you.