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Thanks! Consider leaving a rating so more players could find Yorna ^^

Use the herbal tea from the Sand town's temple.

By clicking or using the action button (Enter by default). Not all of these tiles are interactable.

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You can enter the free-play option after the ending sequence, but can't change your favorite girl for the ending itself. So, in short, you can still go out with other girls if you want via the freeplay mode, but the ending will be set with your first choice.

You are using the skills menu from the on-map menu. Both items and skills for active combat are chosen via dedicated buttons - page up and page down by default. You can change these in the options.

I'm not sure, to be honest. Depends on the real-life situation.

Just progress the main quest line. You'll get to it later.

Makes sense since the 1500 slut level was not planned and is not achievable by playing the game normally.

Hi. Shouldn't be happening, make sure the game was fully downloaded and your antivirus software is not going overboard.

Restarting for a single scene sounds like a bit too much, to be honest. No, the scene is not tied with the main story progression after the first visit to the mansion.

No, all saves should be inside the game folder itself. Yorna doesn't use a system registry.

JoiPlay is the one and only way to run the game on mobile devices. No guarantees though.

Any gift will do. After getting it from the manager guy, talk to the reception maid and she should mention that the baron wants to see Ada in a special kind of dress. This won't happen if you already unlocked this H scene in the gallery.

Help her with the puzzle and treasure hunting in the tower.

Hello. Yes, you can rebind keys in the options. Also, right mouse click serves the same function as escape key by default

Hi. This means the game can't make or update a save file. Either your active user doesn't have rights to write and execute for the game's folder and its subfolders or there's some kind of proactive antivirus software that goes overboard.

Heya! Glad you liked the game - consider leaving a rating so more people could find it.

As for the error, it's pretty strange Windows platforms shouldn't have any problems like that. RPG Maker MV has everything it needs to run a game without any 3rd party dlls or something like that. I would check your antivirus software and make sure the game doesn't have any blocked files and maybe add it to the exceptions.

Also, as a side thought, if you are using Itch's downloader maybe it's worth a shot to download the game manually and unzip it yourself. You can transfer your progress by copying your entire save folder into a different release, so you won't lose any progress.

Glad you liked the game ^^ My guess is simple - you made Ada too lewd. Higher lewd levels increase both incoming and outgoing lewd damage, so you may want to visit the Sand town and use some herbal tea from the temple. Also, don't forget to use healing magic/potions to keep your hp closer to the max.

Hmm, that's pretty strange. Does this happen on special occasions or any time you try to enter it? Any errors on the screen?

I'll look into this after releasing the next update for Mongirl Expedition.

Why it shouldn't be? Itch has the public demo but you can get the full version from my Patreon or Nutaku.

It's the same deal. Check out the attacks and figure out a way to block or evade them. Sort of like a mini puzzle in the real-time mode. Or just facetank some damage and deplete their HP faster than they drain yours. It's a playstyle thing too.

Glad to hear that the improvements are noticeable. I look into all reports from players about weird behavior and potential bugs. If you'll encounter anything strange - send me a message with details and I'll check it out.

Hello. It's the same as all other bosses. Check out their attacks and find a way to counter them. For example, slime's fireballs have an audio cue before appearing and can be blocked without losing any HP if you will face in the right direction. On the other hand, its jump attack can only be avoided by running out of the way, so save a bit of stamina.

Use only domination skills to defeat enemies as the skills description suggests. Lust bolt and Seduce are the main options.

Glad you liked the game ^^ Consider leaving a rating so more players could find it.

You don't need chests to get to the desert zone. Just beat Gabby the oni, the exit is right behind her.

Hi! You need to go through a labyrinth on the right from the entrance to reach the boss for Mariam's questline. To advance Naka's relationship, you need to help her solve a puzzle and dig up a treasure in the tower. Find her in the puzzle zone itself.

You made Ada too lewd. Bosses drop unlocks after defeating them. Use these to get both options for their scenes.

Hi, glad you liked it. Yorna has 3 endings.

Find the swirling magic barrier in the Ucca forest, the zone with a ladder that leads into the puzzle cave.

No, it's a special zone for a special one-time scene.

Hmm, no, I didn't change anything there. I'll think about how to sidestep this.

Hello! The public version will stay the same since the free demo already includes the full story. Other versions are reserved for people who support me and allow making the games.

Heya and thanks for the feedback! Naka should still be in the village, just help her to get down from the tree. Dog's barking should give you a hint. After this, she'll be back in the inn during the evenings.

If you didn't pick Mona as your favorite girl, her last scenes should be locked, that's correct. It still should be activated during her dialogue in the free-play mode.

Err... Mariam's progression was fixed in one of the later patches if I remember this correctly. Either way, her progression is tied to quest progression. Plus, you can't choose Mariam as your favorite girl and you can't get her scenes after picking your favorite, aside from some "happy" accidents.

The alchemy book becomes available for purchase after you finish either the snow leopard's zone or finish Mariam's quest with magic essence.

The same goes for Elly. She needs to be your favorite girl for you to get her last scenes. That or you'll need to use the free-play mode.

Either way, thanks for the tips!

Sent me your entire save folder, but it looks strange that others didn't report this so far

Thanks, glad you liked the game! ^^

Consider leaving a rating. This way more players will find out about MonGirl Expedition.

Just download the game's zip based on the platform you are using from the main page and copy your save folder into the new release.

It's a take on the classic magic cube. The hint states that each line you can make inside the "cube" will be equal to 15. You can change most of the plates except the darker ones. So, the central horizontal line is 1+5+x=15, therefore x=9.

Looks like you didn't try looking up MacOS FAQ. It's there for a reason.

That's weird. Did you use a save editor or something like that? If not, send me your entire save folder zipped to I'll look into this.

I don't have a clue? Such questions require detailed information.

First of all, you should check that you can make a regular save manually. If this is not the case, make sure that your active user has rights to write and execute for the game's folder.