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Yeah, I got the cause. The most strange thing is - I already fixed this without thinking in v0.1.5 and couldn't reproduce it until I went back to the first public release >< Anyways, it's more of a graphical bug at this point and it won't affect your gameplay in the upcoming release. Since we are 3 days away from the next public version, I don't see a reason to make a hotfixed version for the first public update.

Thanks for the tip!

Thank you, I'll check it out!

Check the plates on the walls. These are all you need to solve it.

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Not at the "combat" moment where you can fight her, but you can get Miko garb later in the game via a puzzle.

Ayane is kitsune. Generally, kitsune like playing tricks on others. She does exactly this. I didn't give players any options for her trick, since you need to follow her instructions in your head, without clicking on cards. Otherwise, the trick would be just another point and click, where your opponent knows your moves.

The most difficult puzzles have solutions on my youtube channel. Just google up Yorna puzzle and it should be on the top.

Why? There's no preg content in the game at the moment.

Hmm. Looks like it indeed doesn't support the current version of apk.

I'm not sure how to answer this... Slutty scenes are more slutty compared to normal ones.

And the error is?

It depends. Try it out to know for sure.

It's a reward from my Patreon to say "Thank you" to players who support me.  It's in the Master tier and this code will unlock the full gallery once you enter it and save your progress.

Well, in cases like this you need to give all the info about the problem. Otherwise, it's like visiting a doctor and saying nothing more than "it hurts".

What operating system are you using?  If it's Windows, make sure your active user has the right to write in the game's folder. You can check it via the folder's properties.

If it's MacOS, check out the MacOS guide. If it's Linux, check out Linux guide. These are mentioned in Yorna's description for a reason.

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I'm not sure why it took you so long. Cursed sword girls are on the second (Ikko) island. To be precise, in the old castle zone. To get their "lose" H scene all you need to do is fight with them and hit the surrender button. Based on Ada's lewd level, you will get a scene.

As for the download link, you can either use Itch for the public version of all supported platforms or my Patreon. It has both the public and patron versions. The latter has extra content.

Err... Did you try losing to her?

You are welcome ^^

I can't reproduce this on my end. Did you use any cheats or save editors?

Hmm... This is weird. I'll check this out, thanks.

Did you read the tutorial on girl's status in the game itself? It pops up the first time you talk with Mona during the tutorial section. The lock means you can't get this level of affection in the current version of the game. Otherwise, you increase her affection by spending time with her.

MGS is still very early in the development and I add new content with each update, including new affection levels for the girls. That's why I use different icons in the diary - to avoid confusion about what can players get in the current version of the game.

Sorry, but I don't even have options to limit the download speed. Could be a problem with your service provider.

These are either in puzzle/trap track zones or you need to dig them up with a shovel and treasure maps.

Here's the test version. Try it out.

Yes, you will expand and decorate the home cave, turning it into sort of a castle. The first part will arrive in the next update around the middle of February.

Also, which Android version do you use on your mobile device?

Her lair is right in the center of the oasis on the global map. The entrance looks like a tent.

If we are talking about the glyph puzzle, you need to use the glyphs with directional arrows hidden in them. Not sure about the error. How can I reproduce the problem?

Glad you liked Yorna! Please consider leaving a rating. This will help more people to find the game.

As for digging stuff up, you need to stand in the right and use the shovel from your item table.

Err... I'm not sure what we are talking about but I'll check it out. No promises on the API though since I didn't change anything for the last release in Android studio.

And the answer is a wee bit higher. You can see a part of it in the upper left corner.

These trap tracks are optional - feel free to pass them if you don't like them.

It's in the sand caves puzzle zone.

Hi. There are no limitations for downloading the apk. If the apk on Itch doesn't work for you, try out the one on my Patreon. I checked Yorna on my phone and it works perfectly well without android v7.

Hello! The first public release will arrive in February. You can check such info on my Patreon.

Hi! Good job on getting the reference ^^

The green orb in Ada's room will take you there. And the teleport at the camo will transfer you back.

You don't get there. It's a decoration so Idris would have a "home" and just chill in the snow.

Glad you liked Yorna! Yes, E4 is the last of the planned updates and I will switch to MonGirl Sexpedition soon.

No, this feature is reserved only for desktop versions at the moment.

Talk to her and bring her the fire essence from the desert region.

Well, start with restoring the castle.

No, you don't need warm clothes, just advance the main plot. check out the help function in the on-map menu if you are stuck.

Make sure it downloaded correctly. The apk is working - I tested it out on my phone before uploading it here. 

Also,  don't switch off from the install screen until it's done - some players reported this helped them.

Sorry, I guess the desktop version is the way to go if all else fails.