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No, it shouldn’t if the owner of that web portal didn’t change the original logic. Can't guarantee anything outside my own releases but a complete restart is too much.

Alright, guess we'll stick to the original plan and wait until I get there on my playthrough.

Yes, I remember that you mentioned all stashed goods being already dug up before you got to them. I’m working on this - all the caches are ok but I didn’t reach the floating island yet. Perhaps it will be faster and easier if you’ll provide me your zipped save folder.

I think even if I will place a giant red arrow some players won’t be able to understand where to go next. Yorna doesn’t have any planned updates. I may release a cumulative improvement pack later but it won’t happen in the foreseeable future since Ouro is getting all of my time.

Puzzle/stash reward from pandas' cave. Plus, it can be enchanted via your lab.

Sorry for the late answer. Yes, EX version is exclusive to the Patreon at the moment. Initially, I planned to use it for distribution platforms like Steam and Nutaku since it’s pretty silly to push a public version to them.

Yet this plan failed due to several unforeseen requirements from Nutaku and Steam needs a movie for the shop. Most likely I will try to prepare everything I need for Steam while forfeiting Nutaku. They want about 1/4 of scenes changed or cut which is a problem. Can’t provide any estimated dates.

In short, grab the public version and if you decide that you like it enough to say “thanks” - get the EX via Patreon because I can’t say when Yorna will make it in Steam.

Use the "Help" function in the on-map menu and Ada will give you a hint what you need to do. Shady guy wants Patreon code to unlock the gallery. He's not tied to the plot or any puzzles.

Both will work for the quest. The only difference is in the dialogue scene with monster girls.

No, guess you can say it's irreversable if you care about a small dialogue scene.

Err… Let me get this straight - you used 30th slot for a manual save and then tried to load it, right? Well, that’s why I recommend using any other slot except 30th. There 29 more and it should suffice even for a very cautious approach.

Just as I write in the FAQ post, the autosave feature will overwrite 30th slot each time you change your current zone. Besides, due to players’ requests, I made potions that change Ada’s lewd level. You can’t make an irreversible mistake in Yorna.

There’s no option to disable autosaving since it’s harmless and beneficial if you don’t use 30th save slot for manual saving.

Looks like Alt triggers autobattle feature despite Control listed as the official activator. There’s no way to edit this setting via a GUI both in the final game client and editor. This can be only changed through the code of autobattle plugin.

I made a note for the future, will look into it after Ouro’s release.

Got it.  This should be the case as I already mentioned, I’ll look into it but can’t give an estimated date since Ouro’s development consumes most of my time.

Also, starting vagabond’s questline shouldn’t be critical in any way. Did you try to talk with Ayane on that step? Perhaps it’s a case of a non-so-clear help hint…

Oops, sorry - Itch bundles up notifications for comments if several of them pop up at the same day so I didn’t notice this one.

Are you sure about the cheating or save editing? Last three times someone reported a bug from Yorna it was a case of ”ok, ma~aybe I edited saves to get some gold” and ending up screwing game logic. Since caches were around back from the middle of the game’s development, I find it hard to understand why other players didn’t encounter the problem.

What ”restart the game from a save file” means? Did you transfer your save files from an older release into a new one and continued the story this way? The transfer can’t affect anything if you copied the save folder as I mentioned in the FAQ section and most posts with new versions.

To sum it up, all caches were already dug up until you reached the floating island and you are absolutely sure you never did it yourself? What game version are you using?

Mithril is used in your castle’s lab for crafting and enchantment. The hole is just a hole.

Hmm, looks like that's all of the main optional activities which I can remember at the moment. Baron's line will add a single clear point after you talk to the "manager" on the second floor and most likely you've already done it if you can access the basement.

Don't worry about it, you've already beaten the game.

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This shouldn’t be the case. Did you use save editor or something like this? Each treasure has a unique key to track their status and normally it changes only after you dig the cache up. These aren’t shared among different saves or playthroughs so it looks like something altered the usual logic.

Try the alchemist in the first village.

Use thehelp button inside the on-map menu and proceed with the story.

No, the snowy mountains region. It's located to the east from Ayane's pine forest.

In this case, go to the mountains area with a healing statue and take the northern exit. Press Q to hide Ada's on-map sprite and get a better view.

Err… What does the help function from the on-map menu say? Most likely you already did this step since you completed vagabonds’ story and Idris plays a role there. The game won’t allow you fully complete it if you didn’t progress the main quest far enough by defeating Raiju.

Go south in the first lava room, then use western exit on the fork.

Beat the hellhound and get the fire crystal just as the tooltip says. She's on the lower level, left turn on the fork camera-wise.

Press Q.

The game is already finished and there are no planned updates coming in foreseeable future.

You missed some of the optional content like alchemist's quest or secondary plotlines for Octa church.

If I remember it correctly, you need to pick up a sword close to dungeon's ending. This will initiate a boss fight though.

Try downloading the game directly from Patreon. Something like this happened several months ago and the only answer I got from the support was ”Ugh… Re-upload it.”

Perhaps their stance will change if more people report this issue since the support didn’t want to look into it earlier.

You get parts of these swords from puzzles during the first half of the game then Ada will comment on restoring the blade at the blacksmith. Then you need to enchant it inside the castle’s lab and choose blade’s stats.

You don’t need to fight bosses twice to get both scenes. From day 1, each boss gives you a special heart item. Use it to unlock both scenes with the corresponding in the gallery.

The type of scene depends on Ada’s lewd level. After a certain threshold, you‘ll get only lewd ones. Decrease Ada’s lewd level or make a pure playthrough to get the normal ones.

Just finish the game once and this will unlock it. It's not a scene just the complete collection of all dresses.

Use the altar below the gate section to paint grey orbs based on hints - other orbs before said gates. It’s not hard, just experiment a bit.

Sand Caves and a lot of other locations after that zone. Also, you can buy crafting meterials in Sand Town's market.

Technically, you can transfer your save files into mobile version but this requires root access. Considering the risks, I decided not to make any kind of guides for this to avoid collateral damage.

It’s a matter of skill and potential. Yorna is an ancient monster girl and while she hasn’t returned to her full power at the moment of the boss fight, she’s still very strong. To effectively work, silencing user must be at least neat target’s power level. Otherwise, the target will hardly notice the hindrance.

Imagine you are playing tug-of-war with a first-grader. Most likely he won’t be able to do anything. Swap the child with a pro powerlifter and suddenly the situation changes dramatically.

It is.

Glad you liked Yorna this much ^^

Help function will give you tips only about the main quest and secondary objectives you discovered yourself. For example, if you won't visit Octa church on your own and take a quest there, help option in the menu won't mention it.

Besides, it's optional stuff - don't get fixated on it.

Optional activities and quests like the mansion, alchemy mini-quest. Also, check out vagabond's camp and Octa church - they have their own small questlines.

The choice is tied to Ada's lewd level at the moment of losing the battle or scene activation.

Even if you somehow miss the right destination, you can check it in the previous project and try again.

Yes, of course. Copy your entire save folder into the new release and you are ready to go.

Check info posts like this one. This way you'll find an answer faster.

Speed affects action order during combat. Characters with higher speed act first. Some skills can affect your speed both positively and negatively. For example, healing skills and drinking potions have top priority to avoid scenarios where players decide to heal but get finished off by a faster enemy.