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It's in the ancient ruin in Dred Valley.

Beath the mindflayer guy as Celecia.

I posted instructions in another person's comment asking for the same thing not far below.

It's kinda out of the way. You have to beat the Mindflayer jerk as Celica after kicking his ass as Faylen.

After following the hunter lady's questline enough you unlock a dungeon in the swamp area run by a shady creepy guy. Return when possessing Faylen and use her staff skill to reveal himself as a mindflayer. Proceed to fight him (you'll want to fully level up Faylen beforehand).

After the fight you will get a ring shaped like a squid. Cna't recall if you get it automatically or you check the dungeon area afterwards.

Wear the ring in the swamps as Celecia and you'll eventually encounter a grey octopus thing. Let it take control of you until the special status effect meter maxes out. It'll bring you to the  Mindflayer for a boss battle as Celecia.

My advice is to bring plenty of health, magic and anti confusion potions since it is a very tough fight. Win and he'll drop the AOE dark spell.

Thank You

Does anyone know how to get the secret spell mentioned in the update?

Nvm. I figured it out thanks to the barkeep.

Sorry, I meant Faylen, the stuck up elf. I let her get possessed by the pirate crew member but don't know what to do from there.

The quest tracker says that there's one more scene with Faylen and I don't know how to trigger it. Her relationship meter is maxed out. The fortune teller says there's no way to increase any of my relationships at the moment so I'm at a loss.

I'm also assuming that this scene involves the secret spell mentioned in the update notes.

Does anyone know how to get the last Galowyn scene?

I've let her get possessed by a pirate ghost and don't know what else to do.

It's on the map after the Elven lady agrees to let you into the Enclave. Just keep checking to the right on the map, it's in the forest past the demoness's tower.

There's also a guard at the enclave that keeps yapping about his love life, just keep clicking through his dialogue and you'll get in.

Check the cave near the desert city. It can only be opened by and elf so get Galiene to come with you. You'll find something in the cave to get to the ship.

It will only show up after midnight in the desert city.

If you mean Galiene then yes you can. You can go back to the ship at midnight and beat her in a fight to free her but surprisingly that doesn't move the story forward. You have to let her get possessed and wait a few days and check in at the guild hall.

(spoilers) After a few days everyone will get worried about Galiene and then the captain possessing her will return to town and let her stay as long as Galiene lets her possess her from time to time. Basically becoming like Nel and Celica.

Is there a way to tell her to farm for unique treasures in an area using energy potions until she gets them?

#1- It's been a while so I can't really remember but I'm pretty sure that if you progress through the story enough it will automatically be added to the map.

#2- In the ruins located in the Sundry desert use the celestian object that the elven woman gives you.

#3- The talking stone just lets the demonette call you whenever she likes. She'll call when she has a task for you. Progress though her relationship to make that happen.

How do I get rid of the bimbo perk if I haven't studied in a while?

How do I increase spirit?

Take all the time you need Ankh! Focus on your health first and foremost.

I know this is a really late reply but to get a slightly different ending you need to increase your lust level. Dunno how high you need to get it though.

As far as I remember it's just one scene that's different tbh.

How do I get the latest demoness event? The fortune teller says to let "her" wear "her" for a few days (different colored "her"s).

The only thing I can think of from that hint is to have the demoness wear the slime girl but I didn't know that was possible. Some clarification would be much appreciated.

Is there any way to reach the ghost ship in the latest version?

The materials for new clothes are stored in unique chests (i.e. chests that have materials that are in limited numbers). The best way to find them is to upgrade your treasure finder using a gold nugget. The treasure finder will charge as you explore an area and your chances of finding unique chests will increase.

You could try just leaving it to Nel but the best option is to explore yourself and keep chugging energy potions so that you're always exploring with the treasure finder 100% charged instead of having it reset whenever Nel goes to bed.

As for the dancer outfit, those items are in a secret area. Assuming that you've reached the end of the latest update's story then the elven lady gave you the key to unlock it. You just have to figure out where to use it.

Look at the key's design and think about what areas you've previously visited that matches with it.

If you get frustrated then you can just scroll though the comments section and you'll probably find the solution. That or you can just ask me.

Buy a counterfeit pass from a merchant in the slums. You can technically try using it to get into UNA but the success rate sucks. Instead, bring the crappy counterfeit to Lin-Lin. She'll either upgrade it for you or tell you where to upgrade it I can't remember which. Use the upgraded pass and you'll be able to enter UNA no problem.

After paying for the upgrade once you can make quality counterfeit passes yourself for a fraction of the cost by combining a crappy pass with a pen. The success rate for that depends on your nimbleness though so you'll probably want to grind it if you're low.

For those wondering about the secret area, just think about where something you're given can be of use.

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Any hints on the secret area?


Where is the new enemy in the newest update?

After the Elf Seer went to fetch the king I couldn't get the story to progress so I thought that was the end of this update's story but I can't access any new location or new enemy.

Am I missing something?

Any idea how to remove the "unnaturally sensitive" attribute?

That tends to be the case for new enemies that are near or at the level cap. After an update or two you'll be able steamroll them after leveling up.

For now I reccommend bringing Galiene (hope I'm spelling that right) or even Evie if you've leveled her up enough.

Thank you. Wouldn't have figured it out myself

Thank you. I tried fusing the vial with an empty cup and that messed me up. Silly me.

Also, are there any wallets available that can hold more than 500 coins? I see in the night merchant's tent that ability point reset book that costs about 1,000 coins and wonder if there's a 1,000 coin wallet somewhere in the game or it's just a tease for now.

*spoilers for latest build*

I'm stuck on how to slip Bert the sleeping potion. It's pretty obvious that I need to mix the vial with his beer but I can't figure out how to do so.

Please help.

Been a while since the last status update. Is this project still alive or on hiatus?

Make sure to get enough sleep so that you can function as hard as that may be.

When you get to the mating press scene do you think you could add body writing?


Thank you!

Anyone know where to farm for the keystone to open Forsaken Keep? I'm guessing it's either the Dark Woods or the Spider Cave but I don't know which one.

I messed up the save transfer process and needed to start a new game from the save 6 you provide. In the Krono Tomb When I tried to enter the sphinx's trials after the second keystone puzzle the game acted like the sphinx was already defeated and gave me the option to teleport to the next area. The teleport didn't work, I just stayed in the same spot.

On a smaller note there was some naked chick standing in the mansion's hallway naked. When I interacted with her she did that thing where the spite turns to face you for a frame and then turns back to face the front. Kinda creepy.

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Thank you so much for the info! They do work sometimes but like I said it's a total crapshoot.

How did you find out about the solution with the pen?

Is there any way to know what counterfeit pass will work or is it all a crapshoot?

Thank you friend.