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I am just starting this game and am tring to capture the heart slime, the first creature to capture in the questline and cannot catch it. The chakrams all break while the slime is at full health but all my attacks that actually lower its health kill it in one hit. Any suggestions?

... ooof! Make sure not to burn out your wrist.

I would love the playable Game Over scenario that you're talking about. I like to think of myself as a patient person so I'm willing to wait longer for the update  if it means we get more content. That said, if the implementation of it all gets too complicated for you then by all means either postpone it until you feel like tackling it again or just scrap it entirely.

One alternative way to go about rescuing the maid, if you decide to scrap the playable GO would be start the scenario out as an on-map event. Like, the trio fall for a trap or they let themselves get captured in a plan to rescue the maid.

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I tried that but when I loaded the game I couldn't access any saves. The continue option in the menu was faded like there were no saves. I had to re-install the game to fix it.

This is a stupid question but how do I transfer saves? I tried going into the game folder and copying the saves from the previous version but when I loaded the game it didn't show up.

What updated art are you talking about? Did you redo some of the battle sprites?

I would reccommend finishing the new enemies' battle sprites, including the area boss, and add in 3/4 GO's or some side events if you would prefer.

I know I posted something similar before but I think that breaking up the game overs is the way to go. Since it can take a while to draw GO's compared to battle sprites, spreading GO's into two or three spearate updates seems like the best option.

Bug Report:

1. I took the lower right exit from the pumps and Claire's portrait's eyes appeared on the screen blinking even though there wasn't a conversation. Also, I tried talking to the twins there and it entered a conversation but no dialogue was coming up and everytime I pressed "Z" the screen blinked and nothing else happened.

2. When I completed the demo the final bondage scene kept looping.

Overall I really enjoyed this demo and look forward to further updates. Great Job!

Please stay safe.

Does anyone know how to buy a refrigerator for the farm? Belle mentions that they could store more if they had one but I'm not sure where to get one.

One suggestion I have is to upload new areas complete with all the enemy sprites and then add in the area's Game Overs in 2  or so  smaller updates.

Since it takes longer to draw GO's than the sprites, updates that consist of a large number of them like the April update can take months to come out. Breaking them into halves can help us feel like the content is coming at a constant pace and you would probably get less messages asking if the game is still being worked on or "are you still alive?". True the pulse updates help in that regard but not everyone follows those even if they should.

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No offense but when you posted how you planned to get all of the current zones' game overs finished by april I thought it was a pipe dream going by your previous update rates. But you sure proved me wrong. Way to go!

If you do decide to continue GO's in the next update, whether after your vacation or not if it is cancelled, I would recommend just doing the holiday enemies' GO's and setting aside the tomb GO's until you start working on the tomb proper.

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I doubt it. It's the sort of thing locked behind a paywall to incentivise players to pledge to the patreon.

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The new game overs are looking great! I saw your last picarto stream and loved how you made the red goo scenes much easier on the eyes. Smart move with giving each girl a different color besides red.

As much as I'd love for game development to continue ASAP I sincerely hope that your vacation plans don't get ruined by all the chaos happening lately. Stay safe.

What you did fixed the problem. Thank you.

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I am unable to download the 1.03 version of the game.

When I try to download it this happens.

I click on Install and...

The same thing happened with the 1.0c version of Yorna and I had to download the game off a zip file and play the game all over again. I love your game but I don't feel like playing it all over again just to see a few new scenes. Do you know how I can transfer save data between zip files?

Edit: just to let you know I'm on windows.

A suggestion I have is to have conversations that happen over securelink be more distinguishable. Having freak just start talking to you out of the blue can be confusing. Maybe you can make their portrait have a static overlay to signify that the other person is talking thoeugh securelink?

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For anyone having trouble figuring out the puzzle in the burglary mission, here's a hint (kinda spoliers): just make the numbers you can change in each row add up to the numbers on the ends. It can get tricky considering you've got two sets of number you have to make the numbers add up to.

Figured it out, thanks.

Do you have any hints for how to solve the hacking puzzle for the safe in the burglary mission? I don't think I've seen that kind of puzzle before and have no idea what to do.

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Can that time be sped up by sleeping?

I accidently got pregnant from Rinny and don't know how to deliver the baby. The only message I got was to find a safe place to have the baby. I keep going to sleep in various safe places but nothing changes. Please help.

Is the WIP scene available in game or is it just the picture?

When the halloween content becomes available to non-patreons, how will we access it? Do we talk to that skeleton npc?

Will raising your lust levels have any negative impact in the future? Like, will the ending change depending on how high your lust levels are at the end of the game or even some events throughout the game?

Any hints on how to find the secret area in Forest Park?

How do I start mission 2? I keep clicking on the missions in the mission map but it just keeps exiting to the office.

The game hasn't even really started yet. We've just gotten through the intro. It's way too early to judge whether the game is good or not.

Personally though, I find the writing so far to be great and a promising sign of  what's to come. Very self aware and entertaining.

One suggestion I have is to have enemies other than the slimes and bosses drop sellable items. Granted, the amount of money you give us for completing the Succ or Bust toys is more than enough but it might be something you want to think of as you give us access to more powerful but expensive items.

Love the update! 

So what are you going to focus on now? In your post you mentioned wanting to expand the Khrono tomb and I remember you mentioned adding another area on the way to the tomb. But do you plan on focusing on finishing the game overs for the current enemies for now and moving on to new parts later? You said that you like creating sprites the most you probabl don't want the backlog to become too much. 

BTW, you'll probably wnat to make some adjustments to the memories room in the ankhrono replica. You're runing out of room to place sprites.

Maybe create a room for each area that looks like said area? Along with one room for miscellaneous scenes like the bondage toy testing scenes.

Thanks for the clarification. I figured that it was something to do with the game being in early beta or alpha or whatever the correct term is.

I lost all 3 girls to see what happened but the game doesn't end. After losing the third girl (I never managed to get any of the other girls) the room just becomes empty and I can't do anything other than keep advancing time. Occaisonally I'll hear one of the girls moaning as time advances but that seems to be it. Do I just run out the clock until it reaches 69 days after like the title says? Is there a way to recue the girls that have been captured? I'm not sure what to do.

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How did the Mansion scenario play out in the original lust doll if you had the dismemberment fetish blocked?

I'm really not a fan of dismemberment, even by non-gory magical means, but I was afraid that I would miss out on some story if I did block it. I mean, there was that whole sequence where Rinny carried you around in torso form. Was that whole sequence skipped if you block out dismemberment? It seems like it would be hard to adjust that whole sequence in comparison to a single sex scene. I'm curious how much is changed.

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Also, to reiterate Guyver's point below, maybe you should consider having multiple separate scenarios for each girl in a gameover if you're not satisfied with how a peril with all three is portrayed.

I'm not saying that every gameover should consist of divided scenes but sometimes a situation might call for more focus on each girl individually. While the regular spider girls would be happy to keep the trio webbed up all together in a larder or something for easy mana refills, I'd imagine that Little Webby would love to have some alone time with Mira while Selena and Hemmy have fun with the other spider girls. Maybe even Webby's sisters to spice things up for a boss gameover :)

(Are Webby's sisters and mom apart of the story in the cave? I'm assuming that the situation will be made clear once you get to finishing up the area but I'm curious what Webby's home situation is like since Dinner Party Guest is on hiatus and since you have the game to worry about it isn't likely to update anytime soon.)


BTW, are you streaming on picarto again?

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So happy to hear from you. The update looks like it will be worth the wait.

Will the update also include the spider cave bosses and their sprites? The preview you posted a few months ago got me really excited for the silk dresses Little Webby has in mind for the girls ;)

Nevermind, Just exiting the game and coming back solved the issue.

In the fiend HQ go to the far right end. There is a door leading to sublevel 1.

I ran into a bug as I played the new sublevel 2 section. After the first fight I was unable to open the pause menu. The smartphone menu still worked but neither the ESC button nor the pause button on screen functioned.

I purposefully lost the first fight to see the game-over so maybe that had something to do with it? Has this been a common issue?

Sweet, looking forward to them :>

Thanks for the clarification