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Hey Mackelsaur,

By no means would I consider myself a programmer so my knowledge of the field is very limited. What I am doing is very basic and what you outlined, from what I understand is in fact what i'm doing. The "Attached parts are being added to an array" once they are dissassembled, they automatically leave the array. Let me know if I missed something from what you said. The issue comes where I'm doing boolean checks to make sure certain conditions are fullfilled before connection or disconnections. Sometimes the booleans don't fire or I didnt set it up properly so there would be conflicting logic that null a command.

What I use, mainly, is Unreal Engine 4's blueprint system. I don't write any "code" per say. Not yet. I'm still learning C++.

Thanks for the reply, that's really cool it seems we both sought a similar solution! If it's an issue of when those booleans are being checked, perhaps you can dedicate some resources at the beginning of a day or when a save is loaded to a "loading screen" where these finished weapon values can be thoroughly checked before the player loads in? Even if it took a while, I think most players would take that tradeoff gladly.

I've also noticed that around 50% of the time a weapon constructed the day before (or earlier) will not be recognized as a complete weapon and you'll need to disassemble/reassemble it for a customer to take it - perhaps that's a similar situation.

Now we have to deal with another problem... The blades got heat when you load a save file. the only reason my shop did not burn is because every thing is fireproof lol.