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Heya! My team is working on a NSFW game about cyborgs and lesbians, and we're calling it Full Service Shop! I've made a couple VNs in the past, and worked with this team on one before, so we're excited to finally get to work together again! I've always really wanted to do NaNoRenO, and usually make my VNs on a time crunch sometime in the fall, dreaming of being part of  the actual event. So I'm incredibly excited to see what everyone else will be working on, too!

How cool! This is my first VN attempt :D I really want to do this idea, I'm a solo studio soooo I'm planning to do everything I could but being realistic about it. Nice to meet you all!

It's good that you're keeping your expectations realistic! Accomplishing a game, even something really small, feels good, and gives you an even better sense of what you can handle later on, in both gaming and other projects. I'll add your game page to my NaNo collection to hopefully play later, and I'll be rooting you on! You got this!

Thank you Alexis, how sweet! :D I want to play all your games too!

Awww, thank you! We're hard at work, and I'm excited to see how things turn out!

oh cool! Someone else is also doing a cyborg parts shop game!! Mine isn’t nsfw and it’s more focused on labor stuff. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your game page because I love the concept. 

Oh man, I'll keep an eye out for yours, too! Cyborgs and parts are so much fun to write and read about, and I'd love to read yours!

Cyborgs are most certainly NOT safe for work, whatever the etymological history of the word "robot" may be.