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This is great. My favorite tracks are Glitchpan, Alien, and Space Debris! All the art that accompanies the songs are so good too. Like, I love the vibe of the Starsky illustration. Definitely left several of the songs looping while I worked on my own art. :)

Thanks for the kind words and for playing my game!! :)

The vibes are immaculate. True ending is the kind of thing I LOVE seeing in games.

I had to update this to remove the deviant art link and replace it with an inkblot link because DA turned heel within hours of me posting this lol.

It makes me happy people seem to keep finding this and even liking it. Makes me think I should make more Bitsy 3D games.

thank you for your kind words!! :) 

This just... absolutely nails the tone of TSP so, so well. I love this.

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tfw the poem is better than the movie lol

Jokes aside I love these poems (Gamer and Winter Soldier are incredible).

I don't go to the movie theater anymore... Largely because of feelings that this piece reflects super well. And because of pandemic stuff. Maybe one day we can build a world where we can all watch a movie together without feeling like this.

My tired ass credited Possessor to David Cronenberg when I wrote this. His son Brandon directed Possessor. This one mistake invalidates the entire document lol

(I'll fix it in a future draft)

Some really nice reminders that I needed to see in here.

This is inspiring as hell tbh

ten out of ten. No notes. 

This is so good. Thank you. I too dream of an e-ink cyberdeck (well, I call it a cyberdeck--no one else has to) for portable writing and stuff.

I really hope I chose the right guys. 

It is such a ridiculously over the top song given what it's about. I love it. Thanks for playing. :)

This is great! One specific piece of evidence got me to laugh out loud and I really appreciated the interaction/reference I got from a specific cat!

Really love the implementation of background art here. It works really well!

I am extremely excited about this! Question: if it's music AND sound does that mean there is room for me to continue making my music externally with something like beepbox and have bitsy handle sound fx?

Stumbled across this during a pretty stressful day and found it really cathartic. Thank you.

"You are the type of person who would choose: 'Rather than be a ninja or pirate, you'd choose to be a ninja-pirate. Demon. Dragon. Elder God from the Abysaal Plane unleashed once every thirty thousand new moons to reign as the one true supreme being.' on a personality test. Have a nice day."

How did you know!? :o

I love this. I also tried to make a pseudo rhythm game with bitsy and because I couldn't figure out how to get things to happen on beat or with any kind of actual time my solution was to just... make none of that matter lol. This is WAY better.

I'm trying really hard to learn to love myself tbh.

Thank you so much for this wonderful bitsy.

My ancestors are smiling at me, miniwoolf. Can you say the same? lol

Thanks for playing! Yes, getting into the elevator and waiting forever is the end of this game. It's a callback to the previous elevator game that I made, which was a joke about "what if the elevator loading screens in games like mass effect were the entire game?" Getting stuck is kind of sad though, you're right.

As for making 3D bitsy games, you can use Bitsy 3D or Bitsy Color 3D. Bitsy 3D has the color limitations of standard bitsy, and Color 3D has access to more colors and a few other useful tools.

This is literally just the intro looping forever please for the love of god don't play this lmao

the ending took me by surprise and I cackled

also, yes the entire wall containing the elevator door opens 

This made me hungry.


thank you!!! 

I've waited so long for this! I'm stoked to read it.

Hey, thanks for playing! Nothing happens. It's just a small joke game about standing in an elevator meant to mask a loading screen like in games like Mass Effect. :)

A score at the end is a really good idea! I hadn’t thought of that at all and now I wish I had. To be honest though I’m still learning bitsy and haven’t even attempted variables or item menu functionality yet. I’ll have to pull up some tutorials soon. 

Thanks for playing :) 

Really relate to this one. Nice work! ^.^

I didn't get a chance to participate in the beta so I don't know if any of this is addressed or planned, but I have some thoughts.

Some way to visualize multiple rooms at once, so that I can more directly see where my exits and endings are leading the player would be really useful. Yeah, this is already shown in the endings and exits tab, but being able to see multiple rooms, even if it was just a few at a time, would be very useful to a person like me who sometimes has a hard time visually connecting things in rooms I'm no longer looking at. Kind of as an extension to this: the ability to "stack" bitsy windows might be useful in this regard. Instead of just placing colors next to paint, next to the room editor, etc, you could put paint underneath colors or have download tool resting over the game data window. This kind of organizational grid setup would allow users to further customize their bitsy workflow and, for me anyway, would limit the amount of time I spend opening and closing tools and manipulating a scroll bar.

Finally, dark mode please. I am a vampire. The cozy blue background is very nice, but sometimes causes me eye strain.

Maybe these things fall more in line with a module/extension that someone could make later on, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask!

Keep up the incredible work. I legitimately don't think I'd have gotten as passionate about making things again if it weren't for bitsy. I'm very excited for whatever the future holds for this project.

Feel free to display the game! Thank you for playing. :)

I love the artwork in this! A very good haiku too.

Thank you!!

Uhh. This is amazing? I love this.