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I checked this before writing to you ...

“Lithfix Beta 1/2 – NOLF”  Does not work on my Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit LTSC v1809 ... “Missing Shell.dll cshell.dll” error message … Это only works on Windows 7x64 SP1 ...
"NOLF Modernizer 1.006 with Patch 3.1" and  "NOLF Modernizer 1.005" works well on my Windows 10 ...
it's hard for me to understand ...
Can You just remove everything “optional” from NOLF Modernizer 1.006 / 1.005 and leave only the necessary?

Sorry that it's not working right!
The problem is I can't remove the optional bits because my mod relies on some new strings from CRes.dll! You can however give it a try, you can download Winrez Studios and extract the modernizer.rez file yourself, delete the cres.dll and rebuild it.

Good luck! I can't really help you further, because I'm not sure what's causing the issue here. :(

Yes, this is a famous utility from the Black Angel ...

I hope that in the future you will change your mind in favor of non-English players ... A few years ago I launched the "Contract JACK" server with NOLF2 maps, it was funny, there were no more than 10% of USA players, and 90% of Europe ..

Thank you for your work and good luck!

And what other nolf game had jetpacks :D

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Jetpack Pegasusmod was interesting!
I remember the players: lelis(RU), lla(FR), bond(FR), TP555(GE), Captain Ezy(US),Emm@ Peel(SW) ...
Unfortunately, the "Contract JACK" server was VERY unstable, each player could crash the server if he typed a certain combination of special characters on the keyboard ... this error has not been resolved ... few people knew these codes .. :D

Lots of familiar names there for sure.. Been sniped by TP555 more than I like to admit :P Would be fun to play a few rounds again. CJ was my favorite multiplayer in the nolf series