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Thanks! Shadows do work now and everything is looking good so far!!!

I encountered a very small bug: If you want to activate 8x anisotropic filtering, the game saves it as 16x, so you basically can't choose 8x. But yeah this isn't a big problem tbh...

I have three little questions: 

1. There was an option to enlarge the weapon icons, but I can't remember where it was :O. I can still edit the config "BindingIconSize", but still, I thought it was ingame somewhere..

2. There is an"FogEnable" option in the ini, which always resets to 0. Is the fog still enabled? I wonder that there is no ingame option except for "weather"

3. When I play with dgVoodoo, I get some ugly artifacts around the HUD. Any idea how to prevent this? (See image below)

Thanks a bunch for your work!


Ahh I missed one thing, I've released a hotfix that should fix that issue!

1) Controls -> Weapon Hotkeys -> Icon Size (or something similar!)

2) Fog is enabled/disabled automatically depending on the game state. (Loading screens turn off fog for example.)

3) That's just dgVoodoo being dgVoodoo. It's why I generally don't suggest it haha.


That was fast man! 

Thanks for the answers! Tbh i always had good results with dgVoodoo, and it's the only way for me to play with antialiasing because... nVidia control setup thingy is kinda weird with NOLF and NOLF2 and the settings aren't applied to this game. Anyway, thanks again!