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Once you get the scene where Haato says Kaede doesn't come to the pub anymore, carry on as normal until the 1st week of December.

There will be a talkshow job. Take that job and you'll see the rest.

*You must win the seiryuu award

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I've been doing my bar job on Monday Friday and Saturday and  I'm on October and still no scene yet  and I have all my cheats on

What was the last scene? Have you taken him to a hotel after he's drunk?

no I have not gotten that scene yet  The only scene I got was him trying to take me to love hotel for a one night stand And I rejected him and I never saw him again.

Then you'll have to keep working at the pub. His schedule isn't fixed, and sometimes he comes after 2 weeks. I usually see him on Sat but might not be the same for everyone. October is rather late though, you'll have to have that last scene of him not appearing at the pub anymore before December or it won't work.

You may have to redo his events with at least the superstar and money cheats so you dun have to worry about auditions and money and concentrate on Kaede's routes instead.

So for his first meeting I say he sounds interesting  and talt to him  right 

I don't think the choice matters much other than

1. refuse the one night stand

2. bring him to the hotel when he's drunk

3. call out to him (during talk show event)

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so its basically a chance encounter And I only can see him on my work nights right

That's right. It should be easier with the cheats on and you can just skip to December when you're done with the last scene after the drunk episode.

I'll try more when I get home I gotta go to work now but have the next 2 days off  After this I have to get tocchan's top cg do you get it during foreplay or does it just happen on it's own 

How many tries did it take you to get the drunken confession 

Just tried it yesterday, With the cheats in, I started asap and concentrated only on him, so I got the drunken scene as early as a week before April. This time for me he came on Monday and each scene was after 2 weeks

ya I just got it some how. I skipped him seeing hikaru and the hatto masterbation  scene don't know if it helped or not but yay. Now  all I need is hatto toping tocchan in his office if I can figure how to trigger it then I'll be done with the game. But I'm definitely going to buy the digital fanbook . 

And I can't wait for the next game I'm all for cat boy how about you . and also thanks for all your help so far I just like to finish my games at 100%

I know what you mean. I went for 100% myself. 

I'm also waiting for the next game. As for my choice... hard to choose, I like so many but cats are my fav. Then again, the shark looks in need of manhandling

I totally agree he's kinda scared  of us tho but that makes him interesting. 

and now I need to figure out how to get the office sex with bottom tocchan it's the last cg I need . And some bad and normal endings