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That's right. It should be easier with the cheats on and you can just skip to December when you're done with the last scene after the drunk episode.

I'll try more when I get home I gotta go to work now but have the next 2 days off  After this I have to get tocchan's top cg do you get it during foreplay or does it just happen on it's own 

Pretty much the same as how you got Tochan to be the top (the cg on the top extreme right), difference is you have to be the top this time

are you talking about the office scene 


does the event happen  before  or after Haato meets tocchan's brothers and sister do I need rope or is it spanking scene sorry for so many questions .

You dun need any items but I can't remember if it's before or after the siblings

I think I might of did something wrong I'm in November 12 and nothing  yet I'll keep going tho