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Try this guide by beelzebaey

Hope it helps

Finally got it. Thanks! Yup the trigger was to always talk to him.

I don't think there's any cg for Dr. Ken (though I think he'd be the top if there were, seeing how John commented on Dr. Ken's strength)


Was this on the recent version 1.14? You focused only on Kovit? I've also tried this method an hour ago but it doesn't seem to work, there might have been another trigger somewhere

Has anyone had any luck unlocking John's (guy at hospital) cg?

Tell Hikaru via telephone about the fan meet

Shiba has to be top and dominate for this to work and he has to initiate the rim job...

How do you play the mini game?

I know what you mean. I went for 100% myself. 

I'm also waiting for the next game. As for my choice... hard to choose, I like so many but cats are my fav. Then again, the shark looks in need of manhandling

Just tried it yesterday, With the cheats in, I started asap and concentrated only on him, so I got the drunken scene as early as a week before April. This time for me he came on Monday and each scene was after 2 weeks

You dun need any items but I can't remember if it's before or after the siblings


Pretty much the same as how you got Tochan to be the top (the cg on the top extreme right), difference is you have to be the top this time

That's right. It should be easier with the cheats on and you can just skip to December when you're done with the last scene after the drunk episode.

This one would be the top tochan cg

I don't think the choice matters much other than

1. refuse the one night stand

2. bring him to the hotel when he's drunk

3. call out to him (during talk show event)

1st pic should be use the rope, but might as well just be a top and get both pics at the same time

You can use the rope during foreplay (top or bottom) but you definitely have to top tochan

1. Top Tochan

2. Use the rope on Tochan

Then you'll have to keep working at the pub. His schedule isn't fixed, and sometimes he comes after 2 weeks. I usually see him on Sat but might not be the same for everyone. October is rather late though, you'll have to have that last scene of him not appearing at the pub anymore before December or it won't work.

You may have to redo his events with at least the superstar and money cheats so you dun have to worry about auditions and money and concentrate on Kaede's routes instead.

What was the last scene? Have you taken him to a hotel after he's drunk?

Once you get the scene where Haato says Kaede doesn't come to the pub anymore, carry on as normal until the 1st week of December.

There will be a talkshow job. Take that job and you'll see the rest.

*You must win the seiryuu award

No need, Haato will eventually wear it

1st CG - get it during the summer event

2nd CG - Buy the kitty costume for Toru and have him wear it during the night date *wink*

3rd CG - this one's tricky. 

No. 1.  go to the maid cafe while on a date with Toru once before No. 2

No. 2.  accept 'mister princess' the cross dressing audition while Toru's in the agency at the same time (mine was 12th March)

If done right, Haato and Toru will audition for the same role and make a bet. Loser wears the maid costume. You have to win the audition.

No. 3.  Buy the maid costume (M size for Haato)

After that it should show up eventually during one of the night dates. (doesn't matter if Toru is sub or dom, top or bottom)

Yay.  Want more guys

*Cross fingers* I hope we can meet the target for Hunny. And hopefully get Grizz and the horses too... if not all

It's 5k for each additional character? 7 more characters to unlock... so it's.... 35k. Total would be 55k? 

Ganbatte everyone... hope we get to romance all characters, if possible. (Is it possible to have one character as a Christmas bonus? Maybe a little bunny wrapped in a red ribbon? Well it's just me hoping XD)

Good luck!

I agree with Keksiks. I want all of them too :)

But if I must choose my first choice would be Ginger or Hunny

That's meant to happen. You should get an audition for a talk show around the first week of December, go for it.

See fudanshi at the park to check on the affection meter.

Hikaru sucking on Haato's finger. You have to make Hikaru a submissive. As for getting him to suck on Haato's finger... I usually do the action a few times and he eventually gets it (not sure if that's how it works, but it did for me)

It worked the moment I 'complained' It was just waiting for me to type something...

I'm unable to access any of the previous cgs, scenes either after the update. Is it the same for everyone?

The shows change per week, go back each week to check if the adult one's in

So long as you don't get to 'superstar'

Be friends with Hikaru first and on a sunday you will visit him and see a scene with Kei instead

Kei will message Haato on

16 June, 3 July, 16 August, 16 September and 16 October

Note: Don't win the Seiyuu award

Strange, it doesn't happen for me. Besides the basic 3 requirements, chara, tech and sing was there like a cute, ramen lover, sporty etc type of requirement? If yes then you have to meet those requirements as well or it still considers the audition a fail

Did you meet the requirements for the auditions? If not you won't be able to attend them

You have to accept a quest from the maiden to feed all the strays. Do not use the wish after and give it to the guy

Nope. You can only set the cheats at the start of a new playthrough

Did you take up his one night offer? If you did then you won't see him again. Here's a summary for Kaede, hope it helps.

Kaede's route – Turn on cheat

*You must win the Seiyuu award for this route

1.  Have a drink at the pub then take up pub part-time job

2.  Refuse to have a one night stand with him

3.  Take him to a hotel after a few scenes for drunk confession

4.  Take on one more pub part-time job scene where he doesn't come to the pub anymore

5.  Accept talk show job in December.

6.  On 11 December, attend talk show then call out to him