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See fudanshi at the park to check on the affection meter.

Hikaru sucking on Haato's finger. You have to make Hikaru a submissive. As for getting him to suck on Haato's finger... I usually do the action a few times and he eventually gets it (not sure if that's how it works, but it did for me)

It worked the moment I 'complained' It was just waiting for me to type something...

I'm unable to access any of the previous cgs, scenes either after the update. Is it the same for everyone?

The shows change per week, go back each week to check if the adult one's in

So long as you don't get to 'superstar'

Be friends with Hikaru first and on a sunday you will visit him and see a scene with Kei instead

Kei will message Haato on

16 June, 3 July, 16 August, 16 September and 16 October

Note: Don't win the Seiyuu award

Strange, it doesn't happen for me. Besides the basic 3 requirements, chara, tech and sing was there like a cute, ramen lover, sporty etc type of requirement? If yes then you have to meet those requirements as well or it still considers the audition a fail

Did you meet the requirements for the auditions? If not you won't be able to attend them

You have to accept a quest from the maiden to feed all the strays. Do not use the wish after and give it to the guy

Nope. You can only set the cheats at the start of a new playthrough

Did you take up his one night offer? If you did then you won't see him again. Here's a summary for Kaede, hope it helps.

Kaede's route – Turn on cheat

*You must win the Seiyuu award for this route

1.  Have a drink at the pub then take up pub part-time job

2.  Refuse to have a one night stand with him

3.  Take him to a hotel after a few scenes for drunk confession

4.  Take on one more pub part-time job scene where he doesn't come to the pub anymore

5.  Accept talk show job in December.

6.  On 11 December, attend talk show then call out to him

You have to accept the talk show audition from the agency. It appears during the 1st week of December but I can't remember the date exactly

It will take awhile and quite a number of dates before he confesses to you. The scene will take place at the park during the weekday but keep spending time with him whenever you can (weekdays, not weekend dates), you'll get it eventually.

Your partner has to be the top and haato the bottom

It's no big deal actually, he gives you a dildo but it doesn't connect to any cgs

You have to do the 'feed the strays' quest from the priestess and give the wish to him

Keep meeting Toru during the weekday events and eventually he will confess to you at the park.

Have you gone on weekday date events with them? You have to see all their weekday events (max out the 5 stars as well as the heart). Keep meeting up with them during the weekday until you can either confess to them first or let them confess to you in a few days time after instead.

Hope that helps :)

No need for any toys. 

For the 1st pic. You can try kissing him a few times or he would kiss you instead. For me I got lucky after a few kisses between them. 

2nd pic, you have to stroke his ass 3 times. 

3rd pic, you have to make Toru a dom instead and lick his ass a few times until he does the same to you. 

Hope that helps :)

Did you accept the talk show from the agency? It appears on 2 Dec, accept it before skipping to December 11

You have to befriend them before they'll give you their numbers. It's best to 'stalk' just one guy of your choice during the weekdays, do that and your relationship with whoever you choose will improve. I think you have to be at least 'friends' before getting the number.

Yeah. You gets cheats from all the best endings. 

Toru gives max personality stats (charm, knowledge, can't remember the 3rd one)

Shuu gives max money

Shiba gives max VA stats (tech, chara & singing)

Hikaru gives 500 fame (Superstar fame)

Tochan opens up the route for 2 secret characters (Kaede & Kei)

It'll be easier to pursue a new guy on a new playthrough, I'm not sure if it's even possible to have more than 1 per playthrough. In my opinion though, Tocchan was the easiest to court as you have access to him very early in the game.

You can't miss a single day or it won't work. Did you meet him in all the dates?

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The Movie Narrator job is hard to get so dun feel bad if you missed it (I missed it too before), you can try it again once you get Shiba's ending or already know the stats you need for the next playthrough. Here's a little something to help you out. I know there was a guide on the site before but I can't locate it anymore so here's mine (minus the answers for the auditions, in case you want to figure them out yourself) 

8 Dec's the last audition. You'll need 500 fame points to win the award for the best ending.

13 Sep audition – Bloody Boyfriend

Characterization 375

Technique: 380

Singing: 200

Traits: -

19 Sep audition – Rumi's Story

Characterization 400

Technique: 300

Singing: 150

Traits: -

26 Sep audition – Imaginary Friend

Characterization 375

Technique: 380

Singing: 200

Traits: Sickly (eat porridge at restaurant)

6 Oct audition – The Real You

Characterization 400

Technique: 385

Singing: 200

Traits: -

13 Oct audition – You and I

Characterization 425

Technique: 400

Singing: 190

Traits: -

23 Oct audition – Love and Wars

Characterization 450

Technique: 450

Singing: 230

Traits: -

29 Oct audition – Hashire!

Characterization 460

Technique: 460

Singing: 250

Traits: Sporty (from the bookshop)

10 Nov audition – Life as a cat isn't that bad!

Characterization 480

Technique: 480

Singing: 260

Traits: -

17 Nov audition – Brother Complex – Kasumi

Characterization 500

Technique: 495

Singing: 280

Traits: -

17 Nov audition – Brother Complex – Kaname

Characterization 500

Technique: 495

Singing: 280

Traits: -

28 Nov audition – When the snow falls

Characterization 500

Technique: 500

Singing: 300

Traits: -

8 Dec audition – Princess and I

Characterization 500

Technique: 500

Singing: 300

Traits: -

What I did were

1. Buy a cheap pc and shower/tub from the shopping mall, use it to level up tech, characterisation and singing during the night.

2. Reset if the value isn't at least 3 or above. Extra lessons were last resorts

Yup... unless you either did Shiba's route for the cheat or know in advance what's required and level up those stats.

Win the Seiyuu award and you'll see :)

Oh Hikaru's a cactus, full of spikes but very soft inside.  All the guys are cute in their own way but if I must choose then my pick would be Toshiyuki. I personally prefer the reliable,  responsible, matured type even if he's a nagger.

I'm assuming you mean the BL game cg?

Accept the "Last Fantasy" audition and score 5 stars for it. A lady will recruit Haato for the BL job

Accept a talk show job (at agency) on 2 December, enjoy the rest ;)

He won't join u but if u decided not to invite anyone else and stay at home he'll ask u to go later in the evening

Is he the first guy you're pursuing? If yes then you might have to take awhile to get enough money (50K) in order to get into the studio where he works in. I have a suggestion, that is to court Shuu first for the max money cheat before you try for Hikaru as you will need to go on weekday events with Hikaru at the cinema, shopping centre and the studio to get the cutscenes. You will eventually get the number during a weekday event at the shopping centre before the beach day and it's possible to get it as early as April.

He'll text you on these days

16 June, 3 July, 16 August, 16 September and 16 October

It's a pic of Shuu and Haato playing with a kitten. 

To get the CG you must not adopt any of the strays.  During one of the weekday events (after becoming lovers) they will find the kitten, Shuu will adopt it. Continue with the weekday events and eventually Haato will ask to play with the kitten. Hope that helps.

(2 edits)

This cg is Haato wearing a maid outfit. To get the cg you need to

No. 1.  go to the maid cafe while on a date with Toru once before No. 2

No. 2.  accept 'mister princess' the cross dressing audition while Toru's in the agency at the same time (mine was 12th March)

If done right, Haato and Toru will audition for the same role and make a bet. Loser wears the maid costume. You have to win the audition.

No. 3.  Not sure if you need to get the maid costume (M size for Haato) or not though

After that it should show up eventually during one of the night dates. (doesn't matter if Toru is sub or dom, top or bottom)

You'll find it at the mansion

The persistent file will increase in size as you unlock cgs, etc. so remember to save/resave that copy constantly. I myself always update the file (actually you might as well save the whole saves file in case the  saves disappear too along with the persistent file) after every play, just in case.

I also encountered the same problem twice... my advise is to make a copy of the persistent file. From what I heard that's the file that holds the cgs, etc