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Thanks keep up the good work. I can't  wait

I love the game so far do you know when I can play with the voice acting

OK so I played his whole route and I believe I'm missing the last CG but I don't know how to get it . How do I get the 6 photo

do I put my username  and  email  address here

did you change  the colors  of the mascarade  ball dress cuz I'm having  trouble 

thanks i will try it later

thank you i can get the bad end easy but the sexy scene do i have to max sexyness

so I got the good ending with the base boyfriend but I missing the first two two pictures from the second row I tried everything if you can give me some hints please I appreciate it

i loved your other games i cant wait to play this yay keep up the good work😜

your welcome will this game go on further

great game i love it

i love all the games you make cant wait for the next one

thank you

i cant figure out how to make the dress for the masquerade ball so im stuck and cant continue