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ok so this is how to do it

1. Open your files explorer 

2. Click the download button 

3. Right click on the Halloween Cg u download from kickstarter and click extract all and that's It and if you have more questions message me back 

Ya i got them let me see if i can help you do u have android or iPhone

Where do I message you on discord


I can't get past day March 9 is say where i want to go and my only option is the river bank then I click it and the message is saying (test a ver donde leches el error)then it repeats

Same here

Nevermind i believe i figured it out lol

Im loving the demo but im just missing 2 cgs and can't figure how to get them ones on page 5 second middle row and 1st one on toe top row on page 6

where can i download the demo this im so exited for the 2nd ver

Im absolutely in love with this game already but not only is the music beautiful but the artwork as well. and the storyline just kept me wanting to know more and I reached the end wanting to know what happened next. Keep up the awesome work 

Yeah that's the around my birthday maybe this would be a great birthday gift for myself

I finally found it was the choice  Wow. I think I've forgotten all about the shower lol I didn't have that choice until I dated him first.

I'm  finished  envy's route and I'm missing two cgs and I can't figure out what it is and I'm probably going to try and get all the endings again if not I'm so lost but I really love this game 

Thank you so much 😁

i just finished the game and  i got all the 18 endings but i didnt get  synthetic aficionado  but i loved the game very much and cant wait for more.

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Noir if possible  or thunder and sterion but im fine with any

No problem anytime

So for the police finding his partner if you get them together the fox will give you new date spots like the lake whitch will give you a cg with moocha that's all I know

I'm missing one cg on the second page first row first cg did anyone get that cg or know how to get it let me know 

So I'm on the 0.1.3  update and and I did both first time sex with mocha top and bottom but it says I haven't got it the achievement yet

Also on the 3 year it's skipped the flower festival and went straight to the 15th I think that's why I missed a cg

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Sorry one more I'm on the 0.1.2 update and and I did both first time sex with mocha top and bottom but it says I haven't got it  yet. and on the second page of cg for mocha I'm missing the 1st row 1cg  and 3rd row last cg

One more question it says a slime joined but nothing is there 

Yup I just did I can get married now yay😁

So I just finished the game and in the gallery I'm missing the cg  in the first row 2nd picture does anyone know how to get it

thank you so much I can't wait 

I have a question can I still purchase the physical copy of the game and Artbook im very instead in purchasing it let me know

Is it to late to pledge to the game cuz im interested in the game

So exciting can't wait

I'm so excited thanks an  we'll all the cgs i got be in there if I finished all 3 routes if not im ok with doing it over and thanks again for yet another great game and I can't wait for alpha  hole prison to be released

I love the game so far im currently on my second route and so the gallery doesn't work do I only need to do screen shots to be able to see all the cg's

thanks so much it helped 

I got the family ending But for the other 2 endings still nothing sorry. So i kissed bishop and i didn't hit that college guy. In spar i choose be aloof and lie don't know if it helps. 

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With the walk-through guide no matter what i do i can't get the burden,love and family endings. 

I tried getting  Survive IV but the achievement didn't  unlock did i do something wrong and Investigator but ill do that one last i can get that one either.

i cant figure out how to pay the extra $10 to get the guide it says i have to pay  $15 or more im confused

Your very welcome

Same here i hope they make a second game if not im still happy

oh ya your right i cant wait to play this game ill help out as soon as i gey my paycheck plus ive played to trust an Incubus and i loved it so keep up the good work and looking forward to more games from you.

The voice acter of Rin- timber  is it the same voice actor that did Keitaro Nagame from camp buddy i believe it is.