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Wow this rework you did on the first 5 days really gave them an uplift to the personalities and details, nice job!

Btw, could I get a clue for the first day password? Couldn't find them sadly   •◡•

Password for the first day? My, who says there is one? :3c

You won't find it in the dialogue. It's more an easter egg if you stumble across it, but you're not missing out on anything if you don't.

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...Huh alright, guess I'll lay this one to rest then ;)

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Any um... hint for the easter egg cause i like this game a lot and at some points i even try like EveRy WoRd in every conversation to see if the vault react :) 

(And yes that a waste of time but that is just how much i love the game wish i have money to support but i'm broke T^T)