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You mean those 5 grey icons?

Okay soooo i tried again in Lars's episode and managed to get the progress up to 75% but still no luck with the CG :( still im gonna keep trying cause i WANT TO GET THAT CG 

Anyway thanks for the help!

Spent 2 hours going through every choices but only 70% progress how? HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE

I can't get to Lars's CG even though i had tried all options help plssssssssssssssss

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Any um... hint for the easter egg cause i like this game a lot and at some points i even try like EveRy WoRd in every conversation to see if the vault react :) 

(And yes that a waste of time but that is just how much i love the game wish i have money to support but i'm broke T^T)

oof i got it lol :)

guess i will try everything words i assume is the password till i find out then.

i have one but it still give me bad end :(

does this mean the demo is free but we have to pay for full game ?

thinh went down real fast holly molly sh*t