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Hey again! I'm finally done with the guide!

I wanted to do it before, but in the end I didn't have time, sorry about that...

I'd also like to post it on Steam, but it won't allow me if I don't own the game. Do you know when will you get the Steam keys, so I can grab the game on there and repost my guide?

Yay, thank you for making a guide! :) I'll take a look at it in a moment!

I already sent out Steam keys to all users. :0 If you didn't get yours, could you PM me on Twitter? (@Nayru774)

I don't have a twitter account - do you have any other way? Even if you post it here, if I redeem it on the spot it should be okay?

You can also send me a note on DA - I believe you have an account?

Okay, I think I just found you on DA and sent you a PM. :)
I managed to read the whole guide in the meantime and I'm impressed! :D You're pretty much spot-on with most things. Thanks for taking the time to explore and write all of it! I'm sure the players over on Steam will appreciate you posting it over there, too! :)

Thanks again for the key!

Here is the Steam version -

Hey, superb job. Was toying with putting together a walkthrough (or flowchart) myself, but having seen that, I think that's pretty damn definitive :D

Thank you very much!

You have the link to the steam version too somewhere in there, if you haven't seen it. It's easier to use thanks to the sections feature

Yep, I skimmed over both, and noticed the Steam one lets you hide things with spoiler blocks too, so things like the identity of the 'green route' remain hidden unless you specifically mouseover - neatly done!

Basically, a VN this good deserved an equally good walkthrough, and you delivered in style - if you were to equate it to a hand of cards, it's probably like being dealt all kings ;)

@Konoi please help. I can't get secret-secret ending (the last one with Shira staying in room). Dont't know why, I made everythig as You wrote. I think it's because of my answers before picking (checking) card. Can You please post in guide what decisions You made before card picking? Don't know why I cant comment on Your tumblr.
And btw I found new route You didn't include in Your guide ;) It has 3 endings, and is hidden in one of Apris bad endings.

Here you go!