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Thanks - this was a really interesting read, and left me wanting to know how things progressed!

Thank you for creating this! - and I do hope you feel inspired to tell more, and longer, stories in future. :)

Replied to Konoi in SoulSet comments

Yep, I skimmed over both, and noticed the Steam one lets you hide things with spoiler blocks too, so things like the identity of the 'green route' remain hidden unless you specifically mouseover - neatly done!

Basically, a VN this good deserved an equally good walkthrough, and you delivered in style - if you were to equate it to a hand of cards, it's probably like being dealt all kings ;)

Replied to Konoi in SoulSet comments

Hey, superb job. Was toying with putting together a walkthrough (or flowchart) myself, but having seen that, I think that's pretty damn definitive :D

Replied to Nayru in SoulSet comments

Well, chalk me up as someone who'd like to see more stories.

And hey, you've already got the sprites :)