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For those struggling still in saving Benson, what sort of clues would assist in you knowing what to look for?

For those that have already saved Benson, without spoiling anything, what would you suggest as a hint that would've made it easier for you without being obvious?

I tried 12 hours to go though the Benson Bed Ending.But it's so excited for me when I figured it out by myself.I think if someone struggling in saving Benson.I suggest you should play other's line one by one and there must have some important word for u and maybe it's the ture password.And soetime you should know,there are one password for one predicted picture.So you should think if I am Dave,Can I save Benson when I see this picture?

I know this is nearly 2 weeks old, but I only played through Benson's bad end 3 times before the word clicked for me. I thought you did a fantastic job of making it clear what the key word was while making the players work for it at the same time. 

The people who miss it repeatedly have probably failed to pay close enough attention to the dialogue. That was my issue at first, until finally I was like "Okay, what is everyone saying" and paid super close attention. 

It was a 'Eureka' moment for sure. Makes me feel like a detective which is awesome.

I finally found the 2nd Benson password. a lot of people in the comments here said it was a repeated word, but for me the word was only ever said once by one character. I also thought the part of the conversation where the word was said was because of the route I was playing, since I thought it had more to do with that character than Benson's death (I'm guessing now that scene is probably the same for all routes). I would have expected the word to have been said in the dining room scene after his body was found, there were plenty of "key words" that actually were repeated by different characters, and the connection to his death seemed more obvious to me