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Sorry,it's ‘part’ not ‘past’。UwU

You should pay attention to the Key Word.You saved someone in day5 but the password is not on the txt that before U input the password.So I think you should try the rest past of game and always keep eyes bright.I shouldn't say too much,and I think if U will find password by yourself and will be excited too.This game is so amazing.XD

I tried 12 hours to go though the Benson Bed Ending.But it's so excited for me when I figured it out by myself.I think if someone struggling in saving Benson.I suggest you should play other's line one by one and there must have some important word for u and maybe it's the ture password.And soetime you should know,there are one password for one predicted picture.So you should think if I am Dave,Can I save Benson when I see this picture?

OMG,I like Tyson.But for real,I was totally scared by the self-voicing TWICE!!!(played in night close light press "space" to "v").I like this game.XD

Idk why but I like more old draw style.May it was terse and the saturability no so high.First I only wanna play  lars lines,but no more ,so I choose coach.This is problem,whhy you always give me the bad news about Lars to break my heart!Well,but I can't like this game more.

And another question comes.If i download the day 5 how can I install to save my archives.