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Finally))) I thought I'll never see that again, but voila! - and I'm happy)

Thank you! The next one will be added as soon as my proofreader finishes with it!


I can't wait to see what Rick has in store for us.

This is one of my favourite gay visual novels out there.

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If I'll buy key here could I add dlc in Steam? Because I have A Hand of Darkness at Steam (aaand some other your games, by the way they are really awesome, thank you very much)))

And you really must create more games, your masterpieces  are so fun, interesting and never gave me creepy feeling))))

Thank you for your kind words!

Sadly, A Hand in the Darkness has been banned from Steam, so I can't post any updates or DLCs there.

Could we change this somehow or it is essentially?((

Steam's decision is final, sorry.