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I love your games so much.

If you need help, let me know. My Spanish is passable.

Awww... short, but a lovely story. I really enjoyed this! Thanks as always for a beautiful, fun game.

Nice. He might be exactly what i'm looking for!

Fair enough, and a good point. Thanks for replying, and for making this game in the first place!

Some guys just don't have body hair?

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As much as I do like this VN and would recommend it, and find the relationship between the protagonist and Jake in particular to be sweet, I must say that I really, really dislike Dan. I don't think it's funny or okay for someone to openly objectify me to that level without my consent: if he kept it to his imagination, that would be one thing and perfectly fine, but he doesn't, and sexualizes the main character at every opportunity. I find his persistent advances very unwelcome. As a gay man that has been objectified in this way multiple times and had people I found unappealing actually physically grope me despite my clear lack of interest and consent, it's tedious enough in real life, and to have a childish character sexually propositioning me repeatedly in a fictional narrative that I go to to enjoy myself, it is a big put-off. While the #MeToo movement might predominantly apply to women, men can also be victims, and it can be just as upsetting.

No worries. As long as I can get my mitts on it. Steam can be a but of a pain in the butt. I'd rather get my games from itch, anyway.

Steam just lists the game as being only available on Windows. Please tell me it'll be available on Mac as well?

In fact, most of the best male/male sex games are surprisingly written by women... You wouldn't think so, but it's true.

Just out of curiosity, are you planning on finishing this game? I loved the demo so much! I need some romance with William! =swoon=

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Merci beaucoup pour les corrections, chibiogami. Comme j'ai dit, ça fait longtemps que j'ai parlé français, et pour cette raison, je sais que mon français est loin d'être parfait. Je veux devenir mieux et n'oublier plus; donc, encore, merci pour ta commentaire!

Je te souhaites une bonne journée!

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Bravo! Très bien! C'est un grand accomplissement! Peut-être je vais rejouer encore en français parce que j'ai besoin de pratiquer plus. Quand j'essaye de parler français, par accident, je commence de parler espagnol!

Le plus drôle, c'est quand j'étais entrain d'apprendre espagnol, et par accident, j'ai répondu a ma professeure en chinois! Elle m'a dit (en espagnol, naturellement): «Sebastian, je croix que ton cerveau est cassé!»

I can take delicate topics. The scene that might have bothered some people didn't bother me at all. The world isn't all butterflies and lollipops and cute guys :D. 

I kept wondering if it was finished because I heard voice acting was coming, etc, so I put it off in lieu of some other gay visual novels... but I like yours best of all, so it was an awesome treat to finally play it!

And please keep spamming me so I don't miss anything!

Ertal, you've made a convert of me again! I'm really not a fan of the Arabian Knights style games, so I put off playing this over and over and over... and finally got to it two days ago and just burned through the whole thing. Great story, characters, graphics, and music... just like I've come to expect from your games. I love that you are making the world a more diverse, interesting place with LGBT+ themed material and I can't wait for Night & Day... I'm so glad to be able to support such a creative, fantastic developer.

I still miss Alex terribly, but I'm looking forward to new characters to come!

That would be a dream come true! I'd even up my patreon specifically (perhaps another $100) if you did. I want to do anything to support your games. I'd kickstart this one now as well but I have CC fraud and need to wait a couple weeks for a new card.

You are amongst my top BL games in the world. Thank you for making these games!

Thanks for the clarification. It just seemed a little unexpected at first.

I'm a huge fan of your games, but I wasn't expecting to like this one, mainly because I've been around quite a few places in Europe and Paris was the only one I can really say I didn't like; however, I LOVE this demo. I'm so glad to have the chance to Patreon you to keep you making wonderful games like this... and I know that Denis won't be a possible love interest (based on the count of four, I'm guessing) but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Those red haired men... =swoon=

Did it work?

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Okay. So what you need to do is this:

1. Right click on the game icon.

2. Click "Show package contents"

(A new window should pop up with a folder "Contents" in it).

3. Double click on the Contents window to open a new window with Info.plist, MacOS, and Resources.

4. Double click on Mac OS to open a new folder with lib and "Signed_and_Sealed_With_a_Kiss".

5. Right click on "Signed_and_Sealed_with_a_Kiss" and then open.  If it gives you a warning, open it anyway. It's because it's not sold through the apple store or steam or a signing agent. It should open just fine.

If you want to make it easier to open in the future, drag the "Sgned_and_sealed_with_a_kiss_ to your dock. You probably won't have to confirm opening it ever again unless you update.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if it doesn't and what went wrong and I'll try to help you further!

Good luck! (I'm a Python programmer and a Mac OS programmer, and have had to do this for tons of visual novels.)

This is a Python issue with renpy that's common with lots of visual novels. If you're interested in the solution, let me know since it takes a little work and I don't want to type it all out unless you still plan on playing the game.

Why are the graphics for the actions so... strange? For example, I get a shirtless guy holding an axe when I choose to ride the bus, or some guy playing the piano when I choose to make a cake. I picked the teaching assistant route and when I work as hard as I can, it looks like pole dancing? WTH?

This game is... decent, but a little odd. The MC's constant resistance to the base boyfriend seems unrealistic. I'm not sure how I'd classify this game, as it's a visual novel but definitely not a BL / Yaoi novel based on the very minimal amount of sex.


And with that, it's over. I'm going to miss you, Alex, Damian, Rick, and Morty. =tear=

Your games make my day... totally why I sponsor you the $100 a month on Patreon. Please keep them coming and am trying to get the word out to get you more sponsors.. I love your graphics, narratives, and everything. <3

"Maybe I'll run a fanfiction contest so we can have more content about them? What do you think?"


I adore these after stories. I have grown so attached to these characters that I want more, more, and more

I assume you're playing it on a Mac? I've never heard of that error before, Can you copy / paste the whole error message?

I'm putting together, at least for now, a gift-giving guide, which I'll release when it's done.

Instead of just griping and whining, why not help them improve the game? Or do you just like the nasal sound of your unjustified self-righteousness pulsing smugly in your brain spurs?

Really? I'm envious! I went to Barcelona and absolutely loved it... such good food and great sights. =sigh= I wish I could live in Spain or the Netherlands.

I'm a Canadian working in Chile.... I spent a year in Hawaii, though, a few years back and am hoping to move back there.


I can't wait to see what Rick has in store for us.

This is one of my favourite gay visual novels out there.

I can't wait to see what the bad Rick after ending will be....

Hablas español? Mi español es demasiado por asistirlo traducir sus juegos muy maravillosos.

Another awesome after story! Thank you, Ertal.... you spoil us :-).

Thanks for the update, skyharborr! Take care and happy writing!

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I was sponsoring you online monthly but since it didn't seem like you were working on the game due to no updates for months, I canceled my sponsorship... I really want to see this game come to life and would be happy to sponsor you again if you are working on it, or I would be willing to help (for free, of course) if you need any help. (I'm a senior software engineer for an international observatory, so I could definitely help with any coding.)

This demo is just too good to not be made into a full game.

Thanks, gabfreak. Your comment was much appreciated. I hope you are having a great day!

Got it, Thanks!

How do I access the Banana Ranch DEMO (Mac)? I just paid $60 and was hoping to get my mitts on the Mac demo.

It doesn't work for me on Chrome or Safari on Mac. The text goes nuts and so fast that it's impossible to read. Then after a few frames, it freezes. Confirmed on both browsers to have the same behaviour.