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Hello! Is game still in development? I afraid because didn't see any information or updates((( 

I'd like to know will this game be at steam? I mean if I will buy key - could I add game in library?

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Hello! First I have to admit it really cool demo. I enjoyed it very much and I'd love to have full game, I rare saw games with  interesting abilities and amazing characters, AND  good story (your have these all and even more). I'll back you on Kickstarter. But I have a question. What will happen if.. funding company fails? I am really upset when I am thinking about it, but what if? Will you continue (maybe early access or something, to collect money) or .. game will not be released?

Will be game at Steam? I want to add game to library)

Your game are perfect) For me, at least) So.. I'm happy and hope you will be too)

I think you mustn't say sorry - about delays or about wanting to enjoy your life. At first, patient and meticulous work are making game only better. And second.. every person was created to be happy in their life, so why you need to feel bad about that?) About negative and/or impatient reviews.. well, you cannot pleased everyone, even if you want to. Those comments will be.. but I think no need to pay attention for those. I know what creation means and it's really exhausting sometimes, you need to relax too. You are really talented person and I wish you big health, many sunny days and I will be waiting release mainstory and side part (first time I want something so badly xDDD))))

I have a few questions. Will it be released at Steam and when I'll buy could I have a key for steam or something like?

Could we change this somehow or it is essentially?((

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If I'll buy key here could I add dlc in Steam? Because I have A Hand of Darkness at Steam (aaand some other your games, by the way they are really awesome, thank you very much)))

And you really must create more games, your masterpieces  are so fun, interesting and never gave me creepy feeling))))

I don't understand. DLC follow with main story or not? Must I finish second chapter before Valentine"s Day or DLC means it already finished?((((

Finally))) I thought I'll never see that again, but voila! - and I'm happy)

Well, he was most cool person in all Dragon Age world, at least for me) So.. I know him enough) But, I cannot say similarity between him and Calderon looks bad) It was clearly matter to like Calderon and sooo good memory)

Calderon is strangely reminds me someone... Cullen Rutherford, is that you?)))  

Thank you much than I'll buy it) With EKingdom)))

Hello! Any chance for game to be released at Steam? I want a key for my library))))

Okay) I will.

Why not? I want to be fair - you created game, I thank you by buying it. If you'll ask me it's the best option to show affection about game and gratitude towards creators. If you'll see people love your game I think you would want to create another one, wouldn't you?)

This game lives me wanting more)))) Really, what the hell, it's too cool))) Loving WTNC)


It was.. well, it was cool)) Hilarious and very interesting)_))))Place this game at Steam and I'll buy it, immediately)

Umm.. MC-guy could look .. more masculine? A bit, at least? Please?)

I think it would be dominant\submissive game))))

It was incredible! I'm dying too, so want to know what'll come next))

Each Chapter is so amazing) I love your work absolutely! Thank you so much.

Thanks) It would be great.

Tell me please this game will be released at Steam? I want to have it in my library))))

If I bought game here, I could activate key at Steam when it will be released?

I would like to see all your work))

Wow)) It's really amazing - each route is different, each romance is so interesting and marvelous. I'll buy it definetely when it'll come in full version or come at Steam. Please, update as soon as you can!!

Hi) I've got so many impressions with that game))) But it's finished so fast( I want more))) Idea was adorable - music, spellcasting, decorations.. You must to made bigger game with all her stuffs and send at Steam. I'll buy it definitely) 

P.S. I'm from Russia too))