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I've tried 30x and 12 won't Update my 11.1. At this point I'm almost ready to un-install and forget this game in totality.

Did you delete the 11.1 and just started to download and start the 12

Of Course Not, are you Insane? That's probably 50 hours...


Ever heard of a computers ´´appdata``? Your saves are safe in there. Just delete the old version, download the new one and just continue your save. You are playing on PC and not on Android or Mac for instance?

This is why I tend to Ignore other's advice. You were only half correct. Ty for that....

Like i said... IF you play on PC, you just delete the old version and download the new one, your saves are safe in the appdata. Thats just computer science! And how the f were i ´´half correct``? I only siad about *1* thing.

You were 100% correct, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. Lol