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Absolutely Fucking Awesome!!! These Fairies and those Witches are Magnificent!!! I shall look forward to new content and hope that I can help with the girl's development. The Winx Club is one of my Most Favorite cartoons/anime Ever!!!!!

Hm. I've only played about 5 minutes but it's not too bad. However I'd only give it a 5/10 because the Colossally oversized tits are eyesores. They're stupid and disgusting. I did pay for it so iI'll keep it. I hope in the future you shrink the monstrous, absurd tits down to proper proportions. 20-30B/32C for the daughters and Maybe 40D for the mother. You don't need 85 lb head crusher wrecking ball tits. How ludicrous.

I need a different way to buy this Bible Black game. I'm not giving you my name and address. I was going to pay 11.99 buy not at the cost of my privacy. How about

Make it a 10$ game. I'll buy it then.

Most game developers add extra content or Sooner release dates for Patrons. Example: "Fucking My Daughter" version 6.9 Update on the 5th of a month $5 access on the 15th. $10 accessible the 10th. Or those that offer $20 might access it on the 5th (immediately after the tested Update is available for download). Or they might grant assorted other benefits. Even though dumbass patreon censors Incest or Rape it's still slightly useful to pay than wait for general release on the 20th.

Possibly?? Which is why you should Strike Now!!! Start Subscribestar add the Incest version while it's available. Then people have the censored (landlady, patreon) or uncensored (mother fucker) game site to choose from. 

You can start using Subscribestar and write Incest again. It's not difficult.

Where's the Incest? Landlady instead of Mother is NOT Incest. I can't find a single patched copy anywhere anymore. It seems you people stopped writing Incest after .12 or 18.....

Are you proficient enough to make a Passable re-production that someone would pay 10 or 20$ for? If you could only do half of the work then it's not a good idea to bother with it. Of course you could always Practice and just not try to sell the results. When you Are Proficient enough you could try something to sell. Find a few censored Hentai, rip them apart to practice then keep them as a reminder to practice more. Find a censored Loli for example and then sell it after you de-censor it. "Practice makes Perfect." So they say. You know if you can do it, if it's worth your time, if you have/can find a fan base to sell to. Censored Loli is no one's friend. It's boring. I'm sure if you could make at least a 7 or 8/10 rating effort with a .apk Uncensored Loli Hentai, you could sell it a few dozen times..........

Just a few thoughts to rattle around awhile in your grey matter.

Hmmm. YOU could re-write some Hentai without the bullshit censor. Find a few fans to sell copies to or start a general website. Or possibly find some of your favorites and can you Un censor them? Could you change or delete the programming lines in a show that causes the dumbass censor blocks? Charge $5-10 per uncensored episode that you un fuck? It'd depend how talented you were, fetishes you liked or were willing to endure etcetera.

Then the Cruelty, Perverse Rape and Torture of Bible Black is kind of Singular for Hentai. Being Specially aimed at Western Audiences (Raising my ✋) they don't exist Uncensored in the Hentai world in general. Ty very much. I'll look at Princess 69 soon. For the most part any rape torture etcetera will be be censored because of brain dead bs laws. I guess Anime/Hentai is pretty exclusively developed in Japan. Except a few that try to develop on their own outside of censor reach. "Polite society." What a bastard concept. Polite society says you can't do or say certain things. Japanese law says you can't write or animate certain things. Fucking human idiot trash. The more people try to 🚫 something the more it Appeals. Telling you that you Can't only makes you Want to sheerly for Spite if nothing else. 

I'm glad to read these words. We need more Awesome Hentai. More Android ports. Also I wonder if you're aware of anymore Hentai in the vein of Bible Black. I've watched tons of normal Anime like Inuyasha, Bleach, Death Note etcetera but Rape Hentai seems to be... lacking... Sure you have tentacles but the torture seems to be lacking. Or I just haven't found any. The Magic, Corruption, Physical and Mind Rape, Futa are Badass. As far as I can tell, Bible Black is almost a stand alone series. Or a lot of the "Good" material is censored. How Insulting to Fans. 

I've been re-watching Bible Black and New Testament etc. I was looking up the chronological order to enjoy a continuous storyline. I saw that there were 2 games released between 01-08. I noticed that you ported 1 to Android. Ty for your dedication. In a couple of weeks I hope this game will still be available to purchase. Then I'll be happy to re-imburse you for your effort and download a copy.

I have no idea how to save a copy file to an alternate source. Thusly, I must un/re-install.

This is a one of a kind. Most creators shy away from Rape and Brutality. Well done. Fucking Fantastic!!! Sure there's all kinds of incest and impregnation, creampies etc. It wouldn't install for me either until I cleared some space. Then no issues.

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I had over 100 hours invested in this game. Being forced to un-install just to install 9.2? I don't like your game That much. Starting over from Day 1? Nty.


He's a Cajun from a Louisiana bayou or something. Or Creole descent. 

It seems just by reading the College Acceptance letter and the ensuing conversation about being attached by the guy with the kitchen knife you might be a Gambit-type from X-Men. He uses a Quarter staff as back up but his main attack is charging cards with energy and throwing to create explosions. Maybe a Full House, Straight, Royal Flush give you different spells and power level? If so that's certainly a Unique approach. Although the classic Fireball, Blizzard, Thunder Bolt are better. I can give this VN a try anyway.

No clue. Whatever Best is.

Android. When you Hide there's no way to restore dialogue and continue. The menus don't return until you shut down and restart the dumbass app. It's a Decent game but this BS glitch can make you F crazy.

1, 2 and 3 are suitable as is. I don't care to re-download. I'll just worry about .4 and above. I'm glad you're improving though.

To bee honest, I've played a few 100 games. At Least 50% have ATROCIOUS, near incomprehensible English writing. Sometimes I just skip the writing and watch the scenes. Your writing for the 1st part..... It seemed as though you were learning to speak English and had 1 day of instruction, when you needed a couple of months. After that, I kind of ignored the bad English and substituted the proper words when I understood your intent, then tried to Forget the improper. I can't say if your English improved from 1-3 or not. I guess you tried to add more motion and realism to the characters as they walked and moved. Unfortunately it seems kind of like a 10 year old learning new technology with almost no foreknowledge. It is a Little better than staring at pictures. It seems you're Trying to offer us Entertainment. Mostly I'm focused on the FUN you can have with your Mother and Aunt. In part 2 when you "give a 1st, 2nd and 3rd chance to "make the right choice" that's fucking annoying. This game is Incest, Rape and Blackmail, yet we're forced NOT to Rape until the "right" time? That's illogical. Rape itself isn't Right. Therefore there's no Right time.

Instead of Blocking Rape, you should include more of it. "Now isn't the right time for Rape, I'll give you another chance to make the right decision, you can Rape later"...... Either don't Block Rape, or don't Include that option during that scene. Offering Rape chance but saying "not now you can later" is bullshit. The graphics quality is decent. It Does seem you're trying to Improve. Good amount of content per Update. Hopefully with .4, .09, .22 release and further (however long you plan for this to be) your English will be Vastly improved or damn near Perfect. 

Ok. Nevermind. I missed the bottle of "pain" pills.

I'm on Android Day 2 and think I'm stuck in a loop. Aunt at the psychologist's office was Fun.... Mother passed out after.... Now I have rope and tape... The damn doors are locked. Bathroom, Aunt's bedroom. Have to keep clicking the stupid kitchen and living room doors. 3 or 4th time for the living room Aunt tells me to F off (essentially) I can't even use my room to sleep. Mother disappeared.

If Day 2 and III are even HALF of the 1ST, you're 1 Twisted *******. This is the kind of game I like so saying that to you is meant to be Complimentary not an Insult. You can almost COMPLETELY dominate your Mother and Aunt. I can DEFINITELY see why PayPal wouldn't enable payment to anyone creating THIS kind of content. It "offends the tender, feeling sensibilities of the modern, civilized gentle person. You're the kind of filth that should be..." I'm sure that's what "politically correct" loser trash would say. I say F Them." You're not advocating harming anyone, you're not saying Everyone or Anyone should hurt someone else. This is a Fantasy. It's meant for enjoyment. Ty for it's creation. 

Thank YOU for designing it.

Jessa is my Favorite Cow Girl.

Absolutely Amazing. Brilliant graphics. Gorgeous sister and mother. Love molesting that ******** *itch psychologist. What a stupid, rude **** she is. Spectacular storyline.

This is why I tend to Ignore other's advice. You were only half correct. Ty for that....

85% of games don't have sound or music. I just have movies or serials in the background on my TV. Visual and storyline is more important than audio to me.

Precisely. "Go big or go home." Also. "Might as well make a GRAND SPLASH, soak everyone in the pool" (my phrase just now, copyright pending).


Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk!!! Day 139. 4 Pregnant Girls... 1 bathroom.... Holy Fuck. Only a DEEPLY sick and demented pervert (laughing and raising my hand) could enjoy these poor girl's simultaneous Pregnancies. Ty Perverteer. You're FUCKING OUTSTANDING!!! Tales From the Unending Void, I can only Hope it's 1/10 the Masterpiece.

Isn't it FUCKING fun just to cum in every girl you can and watch them become Pregnant?

You know what Pervert(eer), you have 1 HELL OF A FUCKING TWISTED SENSE OF HUMOR. Which of course I enjoy. Admitting to my sisters about.... Mother and Youngest Sister walking in the woods... Explosive rage issues... That Family Gathering tomorrow morning......

 WOW!!!! That's going to be 1 FUCKING REVELATION!!! I can only hope... I'm laughing my ass off thinking about my Girls now...

Of Course Not, are you Insane? That's probably 50 hours...

I've tried 30x and 12 won't Update my 11.1. At this point I'm almost ready to un-install and forget this game in totality.

Idk anything about Opera. I'm referring to a written copy of spoken words in a movie called subtitles. However if you're comfortable with this, it's the only grammatical error I think I've seen so, as you wish.

Idk anything about Opera. I'm referring to a written copy of spoken words in a movie called subtitles. However if you're comfortable with this, it's the only grammatical error I think I've seen so, as you wish.

What a Royal Mind Fuck for your Mother. After the Opera you talk about the Kiss and like it. BLINKING LIGHTS SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. Then she reveals that she's falling for a Client... No wonder she's Fucking Confused and Conflicted. How will she feel that her son licked her wet cunt until she had an Orgasm. (If she didn't I don't care. I gave her 1 regardless.)