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Pretty Fucking Awesome game. Just tried it. Tons of Futa. Hate the foot and ass fucking the MC. Butt, sucking and ass licking and swallowing Is Fantastic. I'll try to support if able.

Captured By Dark Elves. Absolutely Mother Fucking Fantastic. If this game is 1/2 as Awesome you could earn a small fortune over time I would think. Futanari is Awesome. I like the motion you had and first person when sucking. 

What will be the fetishes added and primary that are constantly updated with new content? Lesbian, Incest, Pregnant, Futa, Anal, Virgin? Others? 

Oh. Grinding. Day one you work 8 in-game hours and earn $10. Day 20 you have a promotion and earn $12 a day....... That's the sandbox? Everything takes for fucking ever. You're correct. That SUCKS. I like open world exploration. Free roam. Decision making with interesting consequences either positive or negative. Don't necessarily mind grinding affection but money or rare resources is pretty irritating. Each time you talk she likes you a little more is ok although if you make it more than a 1/2 dozen conversations then it's monotonously boring. Of course Lots of fetishes. Asshole Licking. Peeing is fun. Pregnancy. Family. Lesbian is a crowd pleaser. Harem style. 1 MC a dozen girls. Supporting males (if you have to/best friends) you can skip past without detriment. 

I don't exactly know the difference between "visual novel" style and "sandbox" I thought they were ALL VNs. The only thing I hate is whatever it's called where you can't seem to make any/many choices. Where it seems to be almost automatic and you just read. 

Wonderful game. When you're fucking Miss Swallows in Part 2 so you take the troublesome student that beat her, Headmaster says she's had enough time to adjust to the "duel" sensation of the ginger and fucking. It's dual. Otherwise I can't remember any other problems. Also the Cheat menu is funny with the Warnings! Hilarious.

JUICE SHOOTERS!!! FAN FUCKING TASTIC GAME. Ty very much. Winx Club are Fucking Spectacular. Very well made.

When you're talking to Chang in week 2 at night in her classroom and ask about further history 

"I devised a formula which allowed more parts of the brain to be used simultiously." That's not a word it's simultaneously.

When you're dreaming of fucking Sarah's ass and that bitch Ruth interrupts, it's self delusion not self denial. Denial would be Not fucking her ass in your dream. Otherwise Magnificent game. Only a few errors here and there. 

If you like watching Gorgeous girls lick pussy this is for you. If you don't, skip Female mc. 

The Lesbian route and dominating that stuck up ( )itch is one of my favorites. Shoving my fingers to her...and making her...

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Oh fucking hell. I'm glad this isn't abandoned. I've literally found probably 100+ Masterpieces like yours then after v1.4 v4 etcetera Boom. Abandoned. It's always the greatest fear to find something Truly Amazing and then .....

Magnificent game. Waiting for more. The Winx Club Fairies are just breath taking and to find a game with them.... Excellent Job!!!!

Don't tell me this is abandoned now... So many devs give up.........

Ty very much. I look forward to seeing your ideas and updates.

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Very good start so far. I assume it's only a "demo". The sister is gorgeous. I like that she's a pervert. Hope to see it continue a few dozen updates. Will support as able. Ty Joker. Sorry. It was Illuminating Discoveries I tried but accidentally posted under Nemoria which I haven't. 

You know, being called a "Mother Fucker" is usually viewed as an insult. When it's true though, you can proudly stand up and say: "Absolutely. I Fuck my mother all of the time and I'm Damned proud of it." Ty Siren. I just discovered House Chores and it's Fucking Awesome!!!

Maybe if you have SubscribeStar I can becum a patron in the future. Just no patreon. Works Perfectly.

At the very Worst it's only a VN and you're not hurting anyone. You can start a new game if you don't like the ending. I always play VNs as I desire. Make the Worst or Best choices according to your Nature. 

You're the writer of VICE? It's Fantastic. I hope you didn't Abandon IT?

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"Knowing you knocked up a girl when she didn't want to be knocked up..." Colossal asshole. However I find I like whenever a girl says "Make sure to pull out before you cum." MC: "Ok. Uh uhh uhh. Oops sorry." "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!! DID YOU CUM INSIDE ME??? I'LL BECOME PREGNANT!!!" Something like that is funny. Any kind of writing in games. I guess I find it just as fun as the old man Frank. Excellent writing so far.

So .5. Big BIG Update you say? More girls to Fuck? More Sisters to impregnate? Personally I like asshole licking and pussy licking. Cunnilingus and Anilingus. I look forward to seeing 23 Sisters v5.

patreon is shit because it bans Incest. SubscribeStar is Awesome because it doesn't seem to have such... restrictions. Yet.

Parental Love you can Fuck and impregnate 2 daughters. Your sister. Gf. Look at "Deadlocked In Time" as well. Very Awesome. 

Impregnating your daughters, sisters, mother, aunt, nieces, cousins should always be standard.

Absolutely Fucking Amazing game. Gorgeous girls. Lots of fun. Can't wait for the continuation in about II months.

Guess you have to find a patch file to re-insert it.

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I just downloaded v17 on Android last night and 0 issues. Maybe your device or Android version is under-powered and can't load it properly.

I'm not such a fan of adult diapers butt when you embarrass Rachel in class and she... Wow!!!

Seems they stopped writing Incest around v12. Now you have a bs "landlady" generic.

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Absolutely Fucking Awesome!!! These Fairies and those Witches are Magnificent!!! I shall look forward to new content and hope that I can help with the girl's development. The Winx Club is one of my Most Favorite cartoons/anime Ever!!!!!

Hm. I've only played about 5 minutes but it's not too bad. However I'd only give it a 5/10 because the Colossally oversized tits are eyesores. They're stupid and disgusting. I did pay for it so iI'll keep it. I hope in the future you shrink the monstrous, absurd tits down to proper proportions. 20-30B/32C for the daughters and Maybe 40D for the mother. You don't need 85 lb head crusher wrecking ball tits. How ludicrous.

I need a different way to buy this Bible Black game. I'm not giving you my name and address. I was going to pay 11.99 buy not at the cost of my privacy. How about

Make it a 10$ game. I'll buy it then.

Most game developers add extra content or Sooner release dates for Patrons. Example: "Fucking My Daughter" version 6.9 Update on the 5th of a month $5 access on the 15th. $10 accessible the 10th. Or those that offer $20 might access it on the 5th (immediately after the tested Update is available for download). Or they might grant assorted other benefits. Even though dumbass patreon censors Incest or Rape it's still slightly useful to pay than wait for general release on the 20th.

Possibly?? Which is why you should Strike Now!!! Start Subscribestar add the Incest version while it's available. Then people have the censored (landlady, patreon) or uncensored (mother fucker) game site to choose from. 

You can start using Subscribestar and write Incest again. It's not difficult.

Where's the Incest? Landlady instead of Mother is NOT Incest. I can't find a single patched copy anywhere anymore. It seems you people stopped writing Incest after .12 or 18.....

Are you proficient enough to make a Passable re-production that someone would pay 10 or 20$ for? If you could only do half of the work then it's not a good idea to bother with it. Of course you could always Practice and just not try to sell the results. When you Are Proficient enough you could try something to sell. Find a few censored Hentai, rip them apart to practice then keep them as a reminder to practice more. Find a censored Loli for example and then sell it after you de-censor it. "Practice makes Perfect." So they say. You know if you can do it, if it's worth your time, if you have/can find a fan base to sell to. Censored Loli is no one's friend. It's boring. I'm sure if you could make at least a 7 or 8/10 rating effort with a .apk Uncensored Loli Hentai, you could sell it a few dozen times..........

Just a few thoughts to rattle around awhile in your grey matter.