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Love this game! Looking forward to version 0.10.0! Keep up the great work Killer!

That sounds awesome! You did an amazing job on the demo and I'm looking forward to seeing the game as it progresses.

I've been waiting for a game like this. The artwork and animations are a thing of beauty. I can't wait for more content. Do you have any ideal when you will have a full version ready for sale?

Ok, Thank you for your help!

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It started working correctly, idk what happened but it seems like it fixed it's self. I have a different issue now. I have 6 copper cable but when i go to build greenhouse it says i need 2 copper cable so i can not build it. Do i need to go to a certain place to get cable or can i use the 6 i have some how? Thank you for your reply.

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I'm not a computer guy so I'll be as specific as i can. When I leave the base and collect supplies I come back before 11pm. It tells me i managed to get back before 11pm, but everyone is mad about risky lives and not being back before 11pm and i lose 10 moral. How can i be back before 11pm and not back before 11pm at the same time? I played day 1,2&3 i didn't skip to day 3. That's as specific as i can be.

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Lost interest when the rape happened. That sh!t makes me sick even if it's just a game. You should put rape at the top of your tag list so people can decide if they want to download the game before they get a fucked up surprise.

Thank you!

Any chance there will be an option to change character dialogue? The whole roommate and landlady thing is awkward and makes for odd dialogue. I know why it was changed from the original, but if there could be an option to change it back that would be great. Maybe a code you can enter or something idk. Other than that it's a good game . 

Is it possible to add an option allowing you to rename characters? Landlady and roommate makes for awkward dialogue. I know in some games they let you tailor it to your own liking so you can have a more custom experience. Other than that it's a good game.

I enjoyed the game, especially the artwork. All the ladies in this game are sexy af. Incest isn't really my thing, but once i got passed that I had fun trying to navigate the ins and outs of juggling multiple relationships. There is a lot of story here, tons of sex scenes, an abundance of decisions to make, many fetishes to explore and as previously stated sexy af ladies galore. I highly recommend this game to anyone that likes the incest thing or can at least get past it. There are paths that you can take to avoid that part and still enjoy the game. A big Thank You to the creator!

I just finished the game and got all of them, plus a couple of  extra ladies to join the family. So it is very possible, just keep trying you'll get them eventually.

Just open inventory and select the serum then select the perfume bottle after.

You're doing a good job and I'm glad to hear you have plans to polish things up. Your English is really good, I can't wait to see the finished game. I hope you will continue making more games after this one is finished. You are definitely talented and i have a feeling you will get even better over time. Thank you for the game!

I liked the game. It has some grammatical errors and the first half has far too many black screen moments, but it was still entertaining. I would like to see an option to hide the dialogue box, as it tends to block the more interesting bits during the animations. Overall it was still enjoyable and i like the art style. I'm looking forward to the next update.

You were 100% correct, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. Lol

Love this game! Nefari is my favorite, but the rest of the girls are beautiful too. There is hours of content in this game +10hrs easy ( if you don't cheat with guides or skip any dialog, scenes, etc.) and covers a fair amount of different fetishes, so if you're looking for something that will keep you entertained for longer than an hour this is for you. Some of the animations are a bit wonky, but i know the creators are working on polishing things up so not an issue. The characters are all interesting in one way or another and all beautiful. The art work is really well done and you can tell that everyone working on this game has put a lot of effort into it. That being said no game is perfect and this one does have some minor flaws. Some of the dialog during intimate scenes is a bit repetitive, the sound effects during those scenes doesn't match pace with the animations and some of the actions needed to advance some story lines can be tricky to figure out (there is a menu with hints, that helps to figure thing out if you get stuck). None of those are complaints and it didn't stop me from enjoying the game. This is now my favorite renpy game, followed by Harem Hotel then Polarity. I look forward to the next update Thank you to the team who created this game and a special thanks to whoever created Nafari! Lol