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Love this game! Nefari is my favorite, but the rest of the girls are beautiful too. There is hours of content in this game +10hrs easy ( if you don't cheat with guides or skip any dialog, scenes, etc.) and covers a fair amount of different fetishes, so if you're looking for something that will keep you entertained for longer than an hour this is for you. Some of the animations are a bit wonky, but i know the creators are working on polishing things up so not an issue. The characters are all interesting in one way or another and all beautiful. The art work is really well done and you can tell that everyone working on this game has put a lot of effort into it. That being said no game is perfect and this one does have some minor flaws. Some of the dialog during intimate scenes is a bit repetitive, the sound effects during those scenes doesn't match pace with the animations and some of the actions needed to advance some story lines can be tricky to figure out (there is a menu with hints, that helps to figure thing out if you get stuck). None of those are complaints and it didn't stop me from enjoying the game. This is now my favorite renpy game, followed by Harem Hotel then Polarity. I look forward to the next update Thank you to the team who created this game and a special thanks to whoever created Nafari! Lol