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1 is when you go to the lake in morning or afternoon, depending on what lvl you are in Fanoras story.

The main events are when you go to Nairas room(cant remember at what time :/)

When you go to the Sweet Treats at afternoon and talk to Fanora.

Every scene could also depend on what weekday it is. Cant remember 100%

Others i haven't opened myself neither.

not yet

Insatall a camera in her room and spy on her. Then knock on her door.

Go to your rooms kitchen at ┬┤late night`

She is at the doctors office at afternoon

"(level 27)"

Herp derp sorry!­čśů­čśů

Go to The couch at The living room(at The lounge, not your room) at "night"

Its in The kitchen in your bedroom.

What lvl was that "i should find a place to relax" again?

You can fix them by going through the story on other characters and when there is jobs on the bulletin board, do them.

When youve done them(all?)you need to buy couple of lenses from the crazy old man at the lake and then head to your room(at day)and click on the window.

The place to relax is watching porn at ┬┤night`.

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he is in the bushes.

You had to go to the sex toy shop and buy the vibrating egg.

On what lvl are you with Velle?

The man is in the park.

And you can repair the binoculars after you buy couple of lenses from the crazy old man at the lake

For the 3 Elves that come in Lin's story.

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Where can you use the Heavy-duty flashlight for example, or is it a thing that's not yet added or smh?

With Fanoras story, go to sleep when its ┬┤┬┤night``, NOT ┬┤┬┤Late Night``.

With Nefaris, go take a shower in the Manor(Morning or the night when shes home, i cant remember which one)

You need to buy the other ones at the mall. Go to the women clothe store and click on the basket.

And go to the farm early in the morning. Jessa is working a the wheat field.

How do you know he could be a unicorn mythic??

Why? If you play on Computer, the save files should stay in the ┬┤┬┤appdata`` section.

If you play on Android, you need to make a backup save.

Yeah, but those are ┬┤┬┤local`` saves. Every time you save something in your computer, the computer also makes a back-up save in the ┬┤┬┤appdata`` section.

They are stored in ┬┤appdata`, so you can just delete the old version and download the new version. :)

Have you tried the Kalis Package fix-patch yet?!q2xUQaZa!qoR-BzbZjL9Vd06fS9jPaw

its in the ┬┤other` tab.

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Go to the kitchen(when shes there) and tell her to put on her apron and then ┬┤┬┤footjob``

No you cannot go further with Kate yet.

just type e

No, you cant sleep with Kali nor Autumn yet.

In the future you will be

The letter E

Thats because the ┬┤┬┤in love`` trait is replaced by the ┬┤┬┤Complete obedience`` trait, because only Android and Lin are slaves.

A reply to me from Runey:

I was planning to start writing the contents of v0.9 this week, but some personal things came up that will take some time out of my hands. I would say v0.9 will start development in 1 to 2 weeks. (After most/all of the update is written)

Have you tried the Kalis Package fix-patch yet?!q2xUQaZa!qoR-BzbZjL9Vd06fS9jPaw

Will the development of v.0.9 start soon?

How about the full version?(v.1.0) Will it take much longer than like 0.8 to 0.9?

Like if are you going to put a TON of things in it, so that it would take like half a year or longer to complete?(Just asking how long we would have to wait(tongue long :D) for the full version)

The v.0.8.2 is the newest one.

You can find it here:

Wait...? Any and ALL of the characters?

You mean that we would be able to marry ALL of them?

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Yes. Thats it for Lin. After you go see the queen, it should say that ┬┤┬┤Congratz! Your completed Lins story. Lins story isnt complete, more will be added in v.0.9``

Where does your Kali story end?

And is the Lains walkthrough also updated?

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You cant. She doesnt have scenes with the rope outfit in the dungeon.

Youll able to take Felicity to the Dungeon on the next scene.

You mean that the option ┬┤┬┤talk`` doesnt appear when you click on their door?

Have you updated the game? And waited a few days?

Go forward with her story.

Just download it from here!gQgS3SbI!FcjAmmcwggIcMcrXKyf0vy6ekF6c4mFSljRozXUMP3k

┬┤┬┤What do you do after CORRUPTING nia.`` I think that already answered your question. ­čśü

Just go in her room, talk to her, press the one which raises exhibitionism(invite her to the beach) and do all the options, so that you have sex with her at the beach. That gets you forward :)

maybe their incompatible with 0.8?

You can make a back-up save.

put ┬┤┬┤truestory`` on the computer ┬┤┬┤note`` icon