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Im at the circle puzzle, and i have no idea what to do next..

Hi Xavier, please give me some more details where you are, are you in the chapel? Or the one where you have to walk rounds?

I am in the area where theres a bunch of buttons in a circle around a center column. Its at what i believe to be near the end of the game (after all library related puzzles)

Ah I see, you just have to step on the right button and wait a couple of seconds 'till the door opens.

none of them appear to be working..

i just stepped on the spider and it opened a door. I hope I got the right part of the game.

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That's weird, I just tried again and it seems to work fine here. Once you step on the button yuou should hear a clicking noise followed by a door opening (if it's the correct button). As SuperJBGAMER has mentioned the correct button is the one that roughly looks like s spider. It is one of the two buttons on the same side as the green exit door is.

see SuperJBGamers video: (Minute 46:38)

You might want to stop the video soon after to avoid spoilers.

Now its working, maybe a bug? Weird.

hey bro i finished the game loved it just check out my vids for help if you want to.


Thx man