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Perplex community · Created a new topic Perplex review

I played it not much to review really cos there isn't anything in the game yet but it has good potential

Really enjoyed the game it was very creepy cant wait for the release good job

Finished the game i like it very much

ahhhhhhhhhh thanks for help man

Started to get into the game but couldn't progress because i think there was on to many objects to collect that weren't there?

Really enjoyed your game keep it up. What inspired you to make this game?

Loved it was pretty creepy good job.

My Gameplay if anybody wants to see it.

i just stepped on the spider and it opened a door. I hope I got the right part of the game.

hey bro i finished the game loved it just check out my vids for help if you want to.

ur welcome im up to the library now, Do I have to download the game again to have these changes in my game

i m in the library making good progress

i saw that some notes had numbers at the top right but i only found 2 notes in the lockers on enear the relic

(1 edit)

no i just got passed the spiders and been in the chamber of fire i tried to escape in the lift and he said you dont think i was just gunna let you leave did you.

all that helped dude quick question do you need to get a code for the combination next to the prison door? i done everything else.

hang on speaker desk you mean in the chapel?

ur a life saver

i finally got into the chapel but i have done everything but it wont let me leave

yea i was thinking it was that just gunna have to figure it out lol

i need to find a ring to kiss it so i can go to the chapel in the basement

Video is up love the game so far.

it was a very erie game which i like i was enjoying the little flashbacks and then the end got me freaked me the fuck out when they were looking at me twisted enjoyed it.

omg im gunna do a video on it tomorrow i played a bit of it and it looks freaky as hell good job

first class scary dont change it

i played it and it was fucking scary i recommended it to lots of my friends.

im enjoying the game but i put the statue down the teddy bear but im so stuck i have a key but doesnt open any doors i have to get toast but i dont no if its broken our im just bad a t the game.

im so stuck on your game

very similar to a game on steam called Horror in the asylum.

The controls are a little sticky