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The Plight [Beta 2015]

Lamentable Tragedy: Life of Wu - Some Secrets are too cruel to be known. · By Cellar Vault Games

Discussion - House, Environment, Rooms, etc.

A topic by Cellar Vault Games created Apr 13, 2016 Views: 304 Replies: 5
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Developer (1 edit)

Let's talk discuss and talk about the current House and Rooms. :D

  • How and What information and impression deliver to you?
  • What would you like to know more about the House?
  • Is there anything you would like to add? (Eg, Bigger Houses, Secret Places, Smaller House, Secret Rooms, etc.)


first class scary dont change it



Whao! Thanks! Much Appreciated. We are glad that you enjoyed it so far. If there are anything you like to point out (good or bad). We love to have your feedback & also Critiques. :D


it was a very erie game which i like i was enjoying the little flashbacks and then the end got me freaked me the fuck out when they were looking at me twisted enjoyed it.

This game brings me the typical chinese house and i like it very much , feels like my house!!!!!!


Hi Ihasa,

Hahaha, that was our goal to deliver a very local malaysia chinese house for The Plight. Hope you enjoy it so far, and felt the mysterious feelings whenever you step into your house; especially during Opening/Closing your door.