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I think it's a very cool concept and it looks great but as soon as I loaded up the game I noticed how incredibly high my mouse sensitivity got, like super high. Luckily I can change my sensitivity on my mouse so no biggie.

Then I noticed that there's no pause screen, or main menu, or any screen. That could be useful for options like mouse sensitivity and controls and such.

Then when I started playing the game I couldn't really understand the gravity. I pressed Q and it switched, but then I pressed Q like 10 more times and nothing happened, then after pressing a bunch of times it finally switched again, but there's no way to make the gravity go back to normal, so you have to walk around as if you're walking up a river (slow).

Then when I grabbed the objects with E, if it was a big cube then the cube would take up my whole screen so I couldn't even see where I was going with it.

Sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to give you as much feedback as possible!

As I said, really cool unique idea and if you could fix those things I mentioned it would be perfect!

Nice! You need to look in the direction to change gravity. I'm working on lower sensitivity now.

Oh, that makes sense!

Maybe try to add some text that explains that somewhere, or did I miss that maybe?

I have just updated the build with that now. Also a restart button.

I also lowered the sensitivity

still pretty high though maybe you should have an option to adjust the sensitivity in a pause menu 

Sorry, can't make a sensitivity slider with this little time.