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ok heres problems im having but first

1 im using windows 10

2 its lookin like a fun game

now that thats out the way. the complaints

1.your game is not allowing me to sell anything i bring items to them and i put them on counter neither works

2. your days are way to short

3. depth of field is horrible and honestly idk why its in a game like this but if you intend to keep it please ease up on it

4. your money does not go below 12 coins i can buy anything i want as much as i want as long as i order at $12 or less each order

Thats it otherwise seems great i hope you add more to it in terms of weapons and stuff but if you fix the above id be happy with as it is least for now

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For your not being able to sell weapons problem, put them in the inventory, And they will go to pick it up, If you already figured it out, im going to leave this here for other people to see

Thanx Johnvry.

To add to what Rena said, sometimes, you need to move the weapon away from the area and come back so that the AI can see the weapon. I'm looking more into why that happens and will try to roll out a fix soon.

You have the option of turning off the DOF in the graphics menu when you press escape. If you get around to it, let me know if that's not working.


thank you for answering i do love a dev that looks at what we have to say. the da cycles though still relativly short on this new patch are acceptable thanks for the upgrade on that xD my weapons are selling now maybe i was bugged before because i had tried bringing them to counter tot the customer and to inventory and they just would not take it! also appricate adding the how to build chart. depth of field button works least for me. only complaint now is one i just put in suggestions which is a leave now sir/madam button for rude customers.

Thanx Johnvry. The game is for you guys so it makes no sense if I didnt take the time to look through your comments. The only thing is I want to reply to everyone but I can't :( . I will add your suggestion to my trello board.