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I just wanted to mention a detail: The cows on James' farm are so adorable! I  worked on a farm for some years (shoveling cow dung and stuff like that), just remembered that time. I really like the animations (and the hearty "mooh"), well done!

And before I forget there is also a little bug I encountered: While I like the new William design, the guy seems to be a little bit... tiny now. And floating too. ;) I loaded the savegame from the previous version, could that be the problem?

edit: I noticed that it happens when I return to the bar from the farm, not when I load a savegame from the bar itself. There is also another thing I'm not sure if it's a bug: The two pirates don't always sit at the table when I enter the bar. Is that intended?

Hey Athanasius,

Glad to hear about the cows. I already forwarded that to our lead animator. ;)

Thank you for reporting the bug! We know exactly why that happened and it can literally be solved with a single line of code. We were optimizing frame size and needed to add a couple of code lines to correct for that change. And from your report we realize that we forgot to add--hopefully--a final code line. From the code I'm looking at now, this problem should happen in the following circumstance:
1. You are using a save file from a game that you have started *before* releasing the last update.

2. You are returning to the Bar from outside (i.e. it shouldn't happen when you have opened the file in the Bar, but will happen if you leave it and come back).

The bug is not expected to happen in a fresh game that you started after you have updated your game.

The updated version will be uploaded in less than an hour and I will let you know here.

The two pirates thing is not a bug. It is intended. They have a 25% chance of appearing to give some "life" to the place. Let me also share with you a secret that we are now working on adding a couple of background characters to the Town too for the same reason. They won't affect game play but will add more life to the scene.

Thanks again for reporting the bug! Please always do let us know. More often than not such bugs are very easy and quick to solve.

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Ok, then I'll restart the game. Or I'll just wait for some weeks with my first "serious" playthrough. 

That's a fantastic idea with the on-off background characters! A little bit of life in the town would be great for the atmosphere. And I find this percentage-solution a good idea to make it more believable - I'm actually really surprised that this simple but effective idea isn't used more in games. It definitively enhances immersion if there are not always the same characters standing at the same spots.

We will try to finish working on these soon. :) And you don't have to restart it now after the last update. I was talking about the circumstance before we corrected it. Now with the last update (Ver. 2020.01.18), your save file should work fine now. Otherwise, let us know and we will look into it ASAP!

Wonderful, thank you!

Hey Athanasius,

By now you should have already finished the game. We would love to hear your thoughts and if you have found any bugs to report (Know that we are here to fix any found bugs ASAP the moment we become aware of them). We also would like to invite you to review our game here in itch once you finish it. We hope you enjoyed it. We will keep improving it towards the bigger launch (What we did now was a "soft launch"), but the price won't be discounted as much as it was this time. We love our early bird players who supported our project during this soft launch phase!

If you should need to contact us in the future my project email is:

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To be honest: No, I haven't finished the game, I only started it but then decided to wait for the future atmospheric improvements you talked about (the additional people in the city).



We understand that you want to get the best experience possible. We're working on it. We will probably need a couple of weeks but we will do our best to finish adding them by the end of this week and I will post an update post here once it is out. :)

Hey Athanasius,

The characters have been added now! Sorry it took much longer than anticipated. Important note: your save files in the Town will probably behave weird. This is normal because we applied improvements to the Town scene layering. Try exiting the Town (to any other scene) and coming back and it should work normally now. If not, let us know and we will look into it.




Thank you for the information! I'll restart the game completely. Now (during the shutdown) is the perfect time for a light-hearted adventure, to hell with this virus! :)

Have a wonderful day and stay healthy!

Alright game updated already. I will be thankful if you can do me a favor and let me know if it's working correctly now. The two most important cases to test are these: using an old save file (i.e. from before yesterday's update), 1) you open a save file inside the Bar, and then 2) you leave it (anywhere, just to the Town is enough) and come back to it.