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Good Afternoon: Need your assistance please.

I have the Hobby King OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2 USB Dongle
Using an Orange T-Six DSM2 Transmitter

I am trying to successfully calibrate to be able to utilize with FPV Freerider Simulator.

When I plug my dongle in as instructed on printout instructions I seem to be successful and it shows up in my Printers/Device List on my PC. Seems to me that I am binding with no issues.

However, when I go to the settings tab and try to calibrate transmitter to computer I do not seem to be getting much response at all. X-axis seems to go left and right but no other axis move when I utilize the sticks on the transmitter.

I have transmitter in ACRO mode is this correct?

There does not seem to be any assistance with this that I have been able to locate that advises me on my issue.

FPV Freerider opens with no issues but if I try to calibrate using that program I get no response whatsoever.

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I cant help you with a solution because I have exactly the same problem. However I dont think its got anything to do with Freerider. I , like you can get the transmitter to bind with the dongle but in any sim I try (DRL,Velocidrone) the result is excatly the same as you describe , only one axis seems to be recognised. I tried the dongle with an old Spektrum Dx4 transmitter I have and it works fine so its something to do with the Orange Tx and the dongle but I cant work out what! They do recommend that you have your transmitter set to HELI but didnt make any difference for me.

Thanks for replying and glad to know that I am not the only one out there with this issue. Spent hours trying to resolve to no avail. All I wanted to do is practice on a drone simulator and had no idea it would be this difficult. I agree this has NOTHING to do with Freerider but some quirky setup on computer I am sure. Sorry that you are facing the same. I guess I will have to see if I can return the dongle as right now it is not useable and look into purchasing a simulator transmitter that should work.

I appreciate your time.

Have a great week.


Your welcome. I've ordered a cable off eBay to see if that works with the transmitter as I'd rather use the Orange one as opposed to the DX4 but slightly disappointing that the dongle doesn't appear to work with a transmitter from the same manufacturer ! I was hoping it might be something simple but I've tried all I can think of to no avail!


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Here are some general suggestions which often helps when one or more sticks are not recognized:

- Make sure you don't have any other joysticks/controllers connected, that might cause a conflict.

- If connecting via USB, make sure you uninstall vJoy and Smartpropoplus if you have them. Their driver messes with things when connecting via USB.

- Make sure you have "Heli" selected as model type on your radio. ("Plane" generally doesn't work very well).

- Perhaps you can remap the output channels (in the menu of the transmitter) so that it sends to another channel.

If none of the above works you could try to connect an ordinary 3.5mm audio cable from the trainer port of the transmitter to the audio-in (or mic-in) jack of your computer, along with a software called Smartpropoplus (Windows only).


There is more info on that in the Spektrum setup tips document:


https://github.com/nigelsim/ppmadapter is an linux alternative to SmartPropoPlus.

Thanks for sharing, I will add that info to the manual.

You could also add https://www.instructables.com/id/RC-Transmitter-to-USB-Gamepad-Using-Arduino/ to the manual, as this is an USB Adapter that works for win, linux and mac as standard HID interface, meaning it does not need any driver. It basically allows you to connect any PPM outputting transmitter (which is a quite big class) as gamepad to your machine. Only thing is you have to build it yourself based on an Arduino - however you can see this as an advantage or a drawback, as you wish... ;) I like it and it for me the preferred way of connecting any transmitter.

Absolutely, I will add it!