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Your welcome. I've ordered a cable off eBay to see if that works with the transmitter as I'd rather use the Orange one as opposed to the DX4 but slightly disappointing that the dongle doesn't appear to work with a transmitter from the same manufacturer ! I was hoping it might be something simple but I've tried all I can think of to no avail!


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I cant help you with a solution because I have exactly the same problem. However I dont think its got anything to do with Freerider. I , like you can get the transmitter to bind with the dongle but in any sim I try (DRL,Velocidrone) the result is excatly the same as you describe , only one axis seems to be recognised. I tried the dongle with an old Spektrum Dx4 transmitter I have and it works fine so its something to do with the Orange Tx and the dongle but I cant work out what! They do recommend that you have your transmitter set to HELI but didnt make any difference for me.