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Hey guys.

Liked the game, liked the graphics, liked the sound. Please keep doing things, and don't be afraid to go deeper.

I didn't like how I couldn't free the animal after my unknowing participation in its capture. I mean, I went through the motions, and it's "just a game" and it's what's there to do, I replayed it and found I really did have to,in a game logic kind of way (I could have just not done it).

It's weird the things we do just cuz "game logic". It's got me thinking about that. Good gaming make you feel good about what you do. Great gaming shows you things of yourself you didn't know were there.

That's all I have to share. Thank you!

Thank you very much for that detailed feedback. The very linear structure without options was mostly due to restricted time budget (we wanted it to keep very small). Will definitely keep your feedback in mind and give more gameplay and depth on future narrative games.

Yeah, my only "problem" with the game was the scene with the furry animal. I wanted to suggest that maybe it would be nicer if you'd get the stone after helping him escape somehow.

But, I realized the stone represents the regret the girl felt (whoa, what brainwork!), so the way we got it was actually fitting.

A few people mentioned they were sad about the Keukegen getting trapped / not being able to help him. And although it might be fitting there will be more options / gameplay if we make a similar styled game.

Thank you for your feedback. =)