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Bruno Madureira Teles

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Couldn't solve puzzle number 35. Car going down the road looks cool tho.

I've unsuccessfully left my own prison. It works well on linux, if by works well we mean to say that holding down keys is not supported (knowing the mind of one of the authors, I'd say it's not meant to be.)

Glad to see you at it.

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I did just that, nitrofurano, and now my house is on fire and my brain has been eaten by runaway sharks.

I tried again and it is working now. Provided the experience is being in a pink screen and while some piano notes are played by my hitting the movement keys. With Isaque's games, I never know if it's some bug of the linux version or if it is really what it was supposed to be.

Oh well.

P.s.:I reported your post as off-topic by mistake. I'm sorry about that. I'm trying to understand how to undo the report, but given that the text of the report is a reply to you directly, I think it is pretty clear what happened.

When it's other people, you look into it. Where is the love, Isaque, where is the love?

So you admit to be making games to deliberately torment me.

Linux version doesn't seem to work,sadly.

I describe the linux verison of this game as 54 MB of no files. Please do something about it, thanks.

Hey guys.

Liked the game, liked the graphics, liked the sound. Please keep doing things, and don't be afraid to go deeper.

I didn't like how I couldn't free the animal after my unknowing participation in its capture. I mean, I went through the motions, and it's "just a game" and it's what's there to do, I replayed it and found I really did have to,in a game logic kind of way (I could have just not done it).

It's weird the things we do just cuz "game logic". It's got me thinking about that. Good gaming make you feel good about what you do. Great gaming shows you things of yourself you didn't know were there.

That's all I have to share. Thank you!