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I am a programmer looking for a team, or at least a game designer!

1. Introduction: I'm Zack, a database developer by trade living in New York City (so GMT-5). By night I develop the Life Simulator Engine, LiSE, which is in deep alpha, so I dunno if I'd rely on for this jam, but it's an option if you want it. I prefer they/them pronouns.

2. Skills: (wups i forgot) I can write pretty well, otherwise I just code.

3. Programs/Languages: I use Python 3 for most everything. For graphics and stuff I use the Kivy framework.

4. Portfolio: I haven't put out any actual games, sorry! Here are some alpha releases of LiSE, if you want? https://github.com/LogicalDash/LiSE/releases

5. Contact: Discord: LogicalDash#3253

Email: zacharyspector@gmail.com

6. Other: Best game idea for this jam I've had so far is an incremental game about unschooling – where you're a kid learning life skills in a world where pedagogy's advanced beyond what we think of as "school". Would require a fair lot of research to make though.