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Utopian Fiction is a kind of speculative fiction where storytellers imagine better futures.

Tell us about a future world where an injustice or problem that exists today has been somehow fixed. Imagine a more equitable, free, sustainable, or optimistic society. Show us that better futures aren't impossible!

Utopia Jam submissions can take any form. You don't even have to make a digital game! Submit a song, a short story, a tabletop game, or a work of art. Surprise us!

Utopia Jam submissions can also take place at any time. Our examples below are largely far-future science fiction stories, but your better future could be set next year, or next month, or even tomorrow.

Not sure what kind of story to tell? Here are some examples of utopian fiction:

  • Solarpunk is a speculative fiction subgenre depicting eco-futurist societies where humans and their technology are integrated with nature. Solarpunk is sometimes focused on realistic solutions that could happen today.
  • Star Trek takes place in a "post-scarcity" society where money has been eliminated and replicators can create food at will, suggesting a future without poverty. There's also much less race and gender discrimination-- among humans, anyway.
  • Read Only Memories is a game that takes place in a future where discrimination against queer people does not occur. Other types of discrimination now exist, however.
  • The Culture series by Iain Banks imagines a "space socialist" society where humans and aliens are taken care of by benevolent AI.
  • The Hainish Cycle books by Ursula Le Guin imagine an interstellar civilization where successful worlds are inhabited by peaceful, non-authoritarian, community-focused societies.

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a bitsy utopia adventure
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A view into the city. Tenderfoot is forming right now.
You're moving into your own place. Time to grow it from scratch out of mushrooms.
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A nonfiction essay etched into the architecture of a virtual space.
Awoken from cryo sleep, greeted by an AI named S.P.U.D, do what he says?
A jam game about preserves.
Take a stroll and meet your neighbors in a warm summer evening.
Playing an arcade shooter in a quiet VR forest.
Entry for UtopiaJam 2017
building a better world
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