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Thanks so much man!

First off, the saving feature should work fine. How did you close the game? The whole character is saved. Take a look at the "Saves" folder and see if there is a file in there.

Yup, the teleporters don't spawn on spikes anymore.

Yup, I've already thought about other trap types, especially fire traps :)

Torches will be fixed!

Yup, as I've said there isn't much going on with the difficulty variation in the current demo

Doors and Keys sounds good, maybe only for certain dungeon types like Ruins or Pyramids?

I've recently replaced the random overworld chest with actual secrets! So you have to burn bushes, bomb a wall, push away a block, the other ones I won't reveal :)

Yup, the game is not "completable" yet. The "Amulet of Yendor" is still missing. But congrats on beating all dungeons man!

As I've said, your items and equipment are saved. You should not lose it :/ something probably went wrong. If you close the game or exit in the "Settings" Menu, everything is saved for sure

And there's also progression items now! Currently, there are Flippers for the Forest and Climbing Gear for the Mountains :)

Thanks so much for the in-depth feedback!

A new demo will come really soon :)

I'll check the save folder when I get home but yeah I left the game using the setting menu and then started a new one with the listed character file.

The dungeons should probably have the most doors in the tower and pyraminds then get  less in the ruins (since they're ruined [rimshot] :p ) and none or moving cave boulder by a lever in caves. You might also consider castle dungeons and Mansion dungeons and you could also have haunted or living (orc or knight) versions of any of these dungeons with their own aspects.

Question, are you planning making the trees burnable to reveal secreta as well or just brush/grass that can be slashed anyways?

Only the tree that hides the secret can be burnt. The other one's cant. All tall grass can be burned tho :)

Ah ok just like Zelda 1 :) can any fire item burn it and are there burnable trees in the demo?

Yup, any fire entity. So fire swords, fire spells... even you when you're burning :D

No, not in the current demo! In the next

Fyi, I checked the Save folder and there is a file in there. I tried starting a new game again and I chose my character profile but it still has none of my previously earned items.  I'll try experimenting with it more later to see if there is any situation it does save when I have time

Hmm, interesting. It always worked on the machines I tested. Definitely let me know if you find anything!

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ok so I just tested it again by just buying a torch and using first the  Exit to title screen option and starting over with my Character file. When I got back in the game, he didn't have that torch I just bought and still had the 30 coins I had just spent.

So then I decided to buy a spear and use the Exit to Desktop option. When I started again, I still have the spear and no coins! At this point, I decided to "exit to title screen" again and load up my character again and I still have the spear and no coins! So apparently the "Exit to desktop" saves the character initially but the "Exit to Title screen" does not. Hows that for bug hunting?! :D ...I only wish I still had my old items but oh well ;p

Note: I started playing with my character and found a tower level where I entered the first stairwell and then the game crashed. Loaded up my character and I still have my spear but none of my recently earned apparently the items to not survive a crash. I recommend creating an extra "save" and/or "auto save" option to fix this for now. I tried playing again for a bit and went to another tower and ANOTHER stairwell crashed me so there appears to be an issue with the tower stairwells on occasion

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Thanks for the bug investigation!

Did you have a companion with you when you entered the staircase? I found a bug yesterday that the game crashes when you have a companion and enter a staircase. I fixed it of course!

EDIT: Ok, just fixed the saving bug. Man, what a dumb mistake haha!

Yay!  Yeah I highly recommend a save and/or autosave option during the game in the menu to prevent extra frustration from crashes :)

Autosave sounds good, will add it to when changing maps