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I'll check the save folder when I get home but yeah I left the game using the setting menu and then started a new one with the listed character file.

The dungeons should probably have the most doors in the tower and pyraminds then get  less in the ruins (since they're ruined [rimshot] :p ) and none or moving cave boulder by a lever in caves. You might also consider castle dungeons and Mansion dungeons and you could also have haunted or living (orc or knight) versions of any of these dungeons with their own aspects.

Question, are you planning making the trees burnable to reveal secreta as well or just brush/grass that can be slashed anyways?

Only the tree that hides the secret can be burnt. The other one's cant. All tall grass can be burned tho :)

Ah ok just like Zelda 1 :) can any fire item burn it and are there burnable trees in the demo?

Yup, any fire entity. So fire swords, fire spells... even you when you're burning :D

No, not in the current demo! In the next