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Thanks man. That's exactly it. I don't feel comfortable releasing a product that I'm not happy with it. Cheers!

Thanks a lot man! I'd love to give you one, but the release windows I've given in the past were always off, so I try to not give one haha!

Hi! October 1st.

Yeah, I figured that was it!

- Fullscreen should not be implemented with the actual fullscreen option in Monogame. Rather, it should be a windowless window that's the resolution of the primary monitor.

- Water texture isn't properly translated to world coordinates. It stays when the camera moves. Looks jarring when the camera moves.

- While the world is generated randomly, there is very little interest in exploring it.

1. There is no actual traversal challenge. Every room has connections to all sides.

2. There are no hidden secrets in any of the rooms. I know this is meant to emulate Final Fantasy Adventure, but still.

The actual generation of the rooms itself is really nicely done tho.

Also, the fact that there's no visual guidance on where to go is also not helping this. It's basically a game of traversing every room to find the dungeons. It doesn't even have to be a UI hint. Just a stone path to the first important locations, even if suttle, would help greatly. Of course, if the overworld had a generated "maze-like" structure, like it should, it would also help in guiding the player.

The dungeons have the same issue basically. There's too much space to explore at once, with no significant points of interest in between other than the one room where to key is. I haven't finished the game yet, but I'm guessing all dungeons will follow this pattern.

The gameplay's fun tho. It's as clunky as Final Fantasy Adventure, but in a good way.

Awesome! If you wanna get up to speed, check out this recent Kickstarter post about the game:


Thanks for the patience!

Hey. The demo would have taken part in the Steam Next fest a few days ago, but Steam had technical difficulties and I could not upload my demo. I sadly had to drop out of the festival last minute. I'm glad you think it looks fun! But I fear you might need to wait a bit more.

In June!

No, the demo is just way to old. There will be a new demo.

That's because the download link has been taken down by me.

The functionality is still in the code, but I have no plans to have it in the final game. But we'll see!

Yes. *Very* different.

Nope. You start with the raft, which is unable to explore far because of deep water and rocks. There are multiple vehicle upgrades with let you explore farther.

The island grid is 5x5 biomes, so there is a lot to explore.


Concerning the orb of ascension, that's not yet decided! I'll still have to find a way to end the game, and maybe it'll be the orb of ascension :)

But after you beat the game, you can explore basically infinite new islands within the same universe, so the orb of ascension is not neeeded to continue playing.

Thanks! I'm doing my best :)

I'm sorry, I'm doing my best!

Hit me an email to

No worries. :)


Well, for one, the game is in developent and there will a new demo very soon.

Second, I didn't email Peter Milko. He just posted a comment. I didn't interact with him afterwards. I don't use any of his work and don't work with him.

Thanks a lot man! :)

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! Thanks for reporting the bug, I'm gonna look into that!

Thanks so much!

Thanks a lot!

It does push you, indeed!

Wow, thanks so much! I agree, I'd like to have tweaked a few more things. I can assure you that I'm picking up this game and will develop it further and make it into a full game!

Thanks a lot :D

I won't say more than "soon" :)

I've taken the game down intentionally for now. I won't spoil more :) the wait is over soon.

I see! I went for a high contrast to visually differentiate the floor and the walls.

Thanks a lot! I wish it was :D

Thanks! The tutorial room mentions that you can run :)

Thanks! What part of the aesthetics don't you like?

Thanks so much man! Have fun!

Thanks! Yes, this game is meant to be played multiple runs. You slowly understand the different concepts of the game. It's not made to be easy. A good strategy is to find the gates of time as fast as possible, as the rooms behind them contain a lot of treasure chests. Weapons also spawn in the normal rooms.

Do you have a discord account or other way to communicate with you?

I'd be interested! I don't do music, but art and coding.

That graphics card is indeed very old. If I'm not mistaken, MonoGame (the framework I'm using) needs OpenGL 3.0 drivers. So you can try updating your Nvidia drivers and see if that resolves the issue.


The first problem is likely a problem with your graphics cards.

Just play with a controller if you don't like the keyboard bindings.