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Very great game! I especially enjoyed the story so far.

The only thing I really disliked about it is the horrible stiffness of some of the character animations.
The standing pose for the characters (especially up and down) are way too symmetrical and uninteresting to look at.
Moreover they are not versatile enough. While they do fine in scenes like meetings where characters are expected to stand straight, they look horrible in action oriented scenes and completely undermine the tension. Something a tad more dynamic and less symmetrical would work much better, I believe. The 'standing sideways' template is much better for instance.
The walking animation also suffers from the same problems. Who walks with such a straight back and a stiff head? The fact that you have to look at this animation for such a great part of the game and that every single character uses it makes things even worse.

Finally, I think that you are not using the right animations in some places.
This thing in Rourke's room is clearly a ladder and not stairs and yet for some reason you are not using your ladder climbing animation. Why??
Similarly why are you using the characters' walking animation for sprinting? The characters' speed per frame when sprinting and the walking animation clearly don't match each other. 
You have a running animation already, so why aren't you using it there?
(Sure, you might need to do some recoloring to make the ladder climbing animation for Rourke's first (darker) uniform and you might need to make the 'up' and 'down' version of the running animation cause I'm not sure you have those already but still it seems pretty doable)

These flaws are especially surprising because the game's art is very good and detailled. You have some foot taping animations for npcs, surveillance camera rotating animations, water animation and reflections, very nice and clever shadow effects in the opening, some very cool character animations with your two heroes jumping over the bridge and Adair getting up after loosing consciousness in the water... And yet you use some awfully stiff and uninteresting character animation templates. Why???

I know you won't be able to change these animations even if you want to (you'd have to redo way too many sprites) so I'm just left a tad disappointed and wondering how this could happen.

(I am using that gameplay video as an easy way to illustrate my points but obviously I have actually played the game)

Hi there! First of all, I want to thank you for your feedback, and I do agree that there will always be plenty of room for improvement.

While this is not an excuse, I do have to point out we are a 3 person team and I'm the only artist (all of the portraits, sprites, maps, animations, UI, etc, were made by me, and I'm also the co-writer, code the events of the game, and the one  in charge of social media+business), so we really have to prioritize what we do.

As an example, a walking cycle (from scratch, not a recolor) from all 4 directions can take me a full day of work, same case with other complex animations. I'd love to add small idle animations for every character and NPC, or redo a lot of things, since we've been working on it for such a long time and our skills keep improving. There are things we will improve from the already released chapters, but some of them might happen post release.

I hope this clears some doubts! Trust me, most indie developers want their game to look (or be) as good as possible.