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Hi there! First of all, I want to thank you for your feedback, and I do agree that there will always be plenty of room for improvement.

While this is not an excuse, I do have to point out we are a 3 person team and I'm the only artist (all of the portraits, sprites, maps, animations, UI, etc, were made by me, and I'm also the co-writer, code the events of the game, and the one  in charge of social media+business), so we really have to prioritize what we do.

As an example, a walking cycle (from scratch, not a recolor) from all 4 directions can take me a full day of work, same case with other complex animations. I'd love to add small idle animations for every character and NPC, or redo a lot of things, since we've been working on it for such a long time and our skills keep improving. There are things we will improve from the already released chapters, but some of them might happen post release.

I hope this clears some doubts! Trust me, most indie developers want their game to look (or be) as good as possible.