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While it is true that Lukas's overwhelming show of sexual promiscuity is concerning, something I think some of you, perhaps are overlooking, is the fact that it's more of a preservation of self mechanism, and is something that most likely will change or evolve to be something more 'mature' ( look all I saying is that it's a part of character development, learning  about the desire to be wanted, and apparently Lukas seems to align that with having sex and so does it as much as possible, believing that will fill that desire to be loved and thus considers that to be what 'love' is, even if it's one sided, ignoring the fact that he's injuring himself emotionally), I'm sure as the story progress. As well as the fact that after the scene with the truckers, he feels hollow and disgusted with himself, and he even goes on to say, or rather portray the feelings of how he just wanted someone to lie with him to be there after the 'high' of sex, like I talked about earlier, I'm sure there's more to it than that (maybe family issues -I know he brings up his siblings and constellations a few times, as it comforts him- we don't get a lot on his parents as much as we did with Asterion). Now, I may be looking too far into things, but I would like to believe that Lukas is more than just some promiscuous griffin  patriot meme texan engineer. I think we will find there is more to Lukas than meets the eye. Or maybe not, don't @ me :3

P.S I would like to know if picking Tech would have changed our interactions with Lukas

P.P.S Thanks so much for working on such a unique game, I'll try to be more constructive next time, but I really can see a lot of good in this project!


Well... I don't want to give too many spoilers, but... yes. Mino Hotel started as an interactive story on 4chan. Luke was one of our earlier characters and, suffice it to say, he does go through quite a few changes in attitude as the story goes on. As others raised points here I chose not to mention this fact because, well, the story has to stand up for itself without me explaining it.

But yes, thank you for the support, and you can relax knowing that it is constructive.

About Tech... Right now Luke doesn't interact differently based on the player's background, for the most part. There's only one or two lines where that happens in his segments so far. But that's not to say it will remain this way. We will see! :)

Yeah, from what I read above a lot of people seem to be point out the fact that they don't really feel like they know what they are getting and when they do, don't get to decide who they want running the lounge, their previous decision fixes that option. Narrative can get fuzzy sometimes but, that's why you opened up a space for constructive criticism, not a lot of people are that brave, so good on you, may you reap its rewards and have a happy new year!