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Hello CryingCroc. What I told RockJock in response to his comment applies just as well to you: thank you for putting your time and energy into writing this. When I've been putting so much time into writing for Mino my perspective can become a tad narrow, having someone reframe things really helps a lot and you did a wonderful job.

As I said to RockJock, hopefully by the time we have build 0.3 we will have some changes to how we structured Luke's and Kota's content.

To close off, I have to say I'm just happy to know you have faith in us, and I hope to keep on giving you and everyone else reasons to continue believing.

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Thank you for your reply! I'm glad I can help even in such small way. I immensely enjoy Minotaur Hotel so far and impatiently looking forward for further updates. Hope you have as much fun writing them, as I have reading them. Wish you creative strength and inspiration, and all good things.